Health care and insurance

Vaccinations and medicines

No vaccinations or prophylaxis are required for visitors to Italy. In the case of transport of drugs by air the passenger must provide a certificate or a prescription for the drugs dated within 30 days prior to the trip. This must state the patient data and certify the illness and the treatment prescribed.


Health care

The Lombardy health system will assist and treat (in both public and private structures) foreign nationals who, for various reasons, are in the region. The means of access to services and payment of treatment depends on various factors including the country of origin, international conventions and the individual citizen’s situation regarding the regulations for entry and residence that can be found on Regione Lombardia’s website. Emergency health care is guaranteed at hospital accident and emergency departments or by contacting the "Servizio di Continuità Assistenziale" (Welfare Continuity Service).



Opening hours of pharmacies in Milan are generally as follows: Monday to Friday 8:30 /13:30 - 14:30/19:30 and Saturday 8:30 /13:30. Some pharmacies open 24 /7. Even when closed to the public all pharmacies display a list of the nearest ones open in the local area. At the page it is possible to find out at any time the pharmacies on duty in Milan and in the Lombardy Region.



For each journey dogs, cats and ferrets must:

  • be identified with a microchip or legible tattoo;
  • be more than three months old;
  • be vaccinated against rabies at least 21 days prior to travel;
  • have a passport issued by the ASL local health authority