This Autumn, Regione Lombardia has made available for everyone -including all international students- the free flu and covid shots.

Let's see together how to book the free vaccine appointment in Milano

The booking platform

The booking platform is roughly the same for for covid and flu shots, note that in most vaccination facilities you can get one or two vaccines at the same time.

To book your appointment keep handy::

your Italian tax code and your mobile phone with an Italian number

your Italian health card and your mobile phone with an Italian number

Process to book an appointment

  1. On the main page of the booking platform, click on Prenota il Vaccino big green button
  2. If you have the Italian health card/Tessera Sanitaria, enter its serial number (you will find it on the bottom of the blue side of the card( and your tax code and click on accedi button (you will skip the following steps regarding the registration)
  3. If you don't have an Italian health card, under the block Se non sei in possesso di un Codice Fiscale e/o Tessera Sanitaria click on the green button Accedi. 
  4. Select the option Cittadino straniero con codice fiscale and enter your tax code. Tick the acknowledgment for the privacy policy and click on the Accedi green button.
  5. If you never used the platform before, the system will ask you to pre-register. Click on the green button Registra.
  6. Fill out the registration form with your personal details and mobile number. Click on the Registra green button.
  7. On the next page, enter the OTP number you got on your mobile phone via SMS.
  8. On the next page, click on Prenota.
  9. Select the province and the city (Milano) and enter the postal code where you would most likely get the vaccine (next to home or next to your campus, you choose). choose the option visualizza prime disponibilità dei centri nell'area selezionata.
  10. You will be prompted with a map and a list of facilities, among which are vaccination centers (CVC) and pharmacies. 
  11. Choose the vaccination centre that most suit you and the time and date among the ones prompted to you and confirm
  12. The system will send you an OTP code, write it in the given space and click on Prosegui.
  13. You will be prompted with the details of your appointment and the booking code. These details will also be sent to you via SMS. Your booking is confirmed.



On the day of your appointment

  1. Review your booking details: you have a set time for your appointment out of which the vaccine might be no longer available. You will get also a memo via SMS on the previous day with all the details. 
  2. Show up at least 5 minutes in advance and check in at the vaccination center with your ID, tax code/health card, and the booking number.
  3. When it is your turn, you will talk with a doctor about your clinic history and pre-existing conditions and you will be able to discuss all details of the vaccinations. You can ask to get COVID and flu shots in the same appointment.
  4. The doctor or the nurse will give you the shot, and a vaccination certificate.
  5. After a short stay in the waiting area for 15 minutes you're free to go.