FeST - TV Series Festival

The event which celebrates the "small screen"

Triennale di Milano
Viale Emilio Alemagna, 6

Some of them capture from first episodes, others need some time to really start and involve their audience. Start watching a new tv series is easy, on the contrary it is not as easy to quit with them - and this point surely refers to many life circumstances as well. This affinity between daily attitudes and tv series becomes real thanks to thematic approach of numerous productions that treat diverse topical issues in order to fascinate the audience with fictional plots similar to reality. If episodes conclude at the best part, they leave the audience with curiosity to continue watching in order to discover what is going to happen. Whether tv series do not satisfy, run to the next episodes is like drinking water when thirsty. But there are also amateur followers who know how to behave with episodes in order not to feel too much involved in plots - real or fictional, romantic or political ones.


Currently, tv series represent a sort of culture. There are real experts who write about it on the Internet or Instagram that become trustworthy sources to entrust spare time. Since media started being part of our daily custom, tv series have been considered an important cultural item by the audience at large and a pillar of “small screen”. But if before it was easy to keep in touch with them, today, through the Internet and numerous online gates at premier prices, it is very easy to access almost unknown titles coming from overseas or next-door States. For this reason tv series reach everybody rapidly - even just the notice of them - with word of mouth and wild downloads - for example, our friends told us “Chernobyl” is beautiful, everyone starts consequently watching it.


FeST- Festival of Tv Series is coming with a second edition. This year, FeST organizes a kermesse with “Breaking Stereotypes” topic. It will be possible to watch previews, the most eagerly awaited are “Euphoria”, “Doom Patrol” and “Why We Hate”, the docu-series produced by Steven Spielberg and Alex Gibney. There will also be a lot of meetings with musicians, singers and actors like Lino Guanciale, Marco Bocci, Coma Cose, Colapesce and Motta. We will see - in every way!

Opening times

Opening times:


Friday from 7 PM to 10 PM - Saturday from 11 AM to 10 PM - Sunday from 12 PM to 10 PM



Saturday from 11 AM to 7 PM - Sunday from 11 AM to 6 PM

Ticket information

Ticket information:


Public transport

Public transport:


M1 & M2 - Cadorna/Triennale stop








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