All non-EU citizens who received visas to stay for longer than 90 days must apply for a residence permit (permesso di soggiorno) within 8 working days of arrival in Italy. 

Difference between VISA and Residence Permit

The Visa is the document that a non-EU citizens get from the Italian Embassy or Consulate in their country of residence and is required for entry into Italy and the Schengen area.

Once the citizen enters Italy, it is necessary to apply for the Residence Permit within 8 working days of entry to stay legally in Italy.

Duration of the Residence Permit

The duration of the residence permit is determined by the entry visa and cannot exceed: 

  • 9 months, for seasonal work (not renewable) 

  • 1 year, for attending a certified course for study or professional training; annual renewal is provided for multi-year courses. 

  • 1 year, for self-employment, subordinate workers (both fixed and permanent contracts) and family reunification. N.B. The residence permit can then be renewed with a duration of one year up to 3 years if the conditions apply. After 5 years of permanent residence in Italy, it is possible to apply for a long-term residence permit, valid for 10 years. 

Procedure and documents for applying for the Residence Permit

You may obtain an application kit (kit giallo per la richiesta del permesso di soggiorno) from the Post Offices (Poste Italiane) enabled to receive residence permit applications. Please see the complete list of enabled offices.  

In alternative, you can get the form filled in with the help of a Patronato (see below) Patronato will give you a pre-filled form that you can bring to the post office. 

IMPORTANT! Remember that subordinate workers must stop by the Prefecture to sign the “contratto di soggiorno” with their employers! Only after stopping by the Prefecture, can they proceed with going to the post office and submitting the application! 


Once the application form is filled out, bring it at the Post Office along with a copy of the necessary documentations (see below). Please be reminded to bring the original documents with you to your immigration office appointment.


FOR ALL RESIDENCE PERMITS, it is necessary to submit: 

  • €16.00 revenue stamp 

  • copy of the valid passport (only a copy of the pages with personal data, expiration date, visas, and stamps) 

  • copy of the tax code only (if already obtained) 

  • Housing declaration: 

residence certificate, or declaration of hospitality* 

*Declaration of hospitality: If you don't have a home or a rental agreement, you must provide a hospitality declaration when getting or renewing your stay permit. The landlord must go to the competent police station where you live with the necessary documents.  


Additionally, depending on the type of residence permit, different documents need to be submitted: 



  • Copy of the residence contract signed at the Immigration Desk (Sportello Unico per l’Immigrazione) - only for fist application 

  • Postal paying slip for the residence permit card (€30.46) 



  • Postal paying slip for the residence permit card (€30.46) 



  • Copy of the nulla-osta for family reunification issued by Immigration Desk (Sportello Unico dell’Immigrazione) at the Prefecture 

  • In the case of reunification involving a child under 14 years old and the other parent, for the inclusion of the reunited child in the residence permit of the reunited parent, a copy of the child's birth certificate, translated and legalized by the Italian consulate in the country of origin or with an Apostille, is required to demonstrate the family relationship between them 

  • Postal bulletin for the smart card (€30.46) 

IMPORTANT! Every non-EU citizen older than 14 years old must submit an individual postal kit.

Instead, for citizens younger than 14 years old, it is the guardian/parent who must fill out the documents and make the request on behalf of the minor


After submitting the required documents (always at the Post Office), you will receive a receipt (Ricevuta mod. 22A)

You will also be given the first available appointment (on a letter stating time, date and place) for your interview with the Police, which is the next step of your Residence Permit application. 


To pay the fee for the electronic residence permit, you will need to use a single designated payment slip (bollettino postale) available at all Post Offices. The cost of the Electronic Residence Permit is 30.46 euros, in addition to any applicable fee: 

€40.00 for work permits lasting less than or equal to 1 year and 

€50.00 for residence permits lasting more than 1 year year or equal to 2 years) 

Additionally, the following payments must be made: 

  • €30 to the post office operator at the time of submitting the application 
  • €16 for the revenue stamp. It can be bought at any Tobacconist’s shop marked with a “T” sign on the outside), located throughout the city. The revenue stamp must be attached to the application form to be submitted. 

How do I fill out the residence permit?

Here is a practical guide on how to fill out the residence permit for the first application.

DownloadDownload - pdf 3.58 MB

Need help in filling out the form?

Patronato is a service provided by the biggest workers unions and associations to help people with labor and immigration paperwork with a mandate, training, and funding by the State. 

Most of their services are State-subsided and free, some require a contribution or membership. 

Patronato INCA CGIL provides information and advanced advice for migrant citizens by offering the services of: 

  • Residence permit renewal and update 
  • Residence permit for long-term 
  • Residence issue and update 
  • Family reunification for Non-EU-Citizens 
  • Family reunification for EU-Citizens 
  • Italian language test enrolment 
  • Counseling on the application for Italian Citizenship 
  • Immigration-related form 

Send an email inquiry for an appointment at - provide details about your situation + name, surname, tax code, and home address. 

Check your application status

Printed on the receipt slip, you will see a postal tracking number for your application (Numero Assicurata). You can check the status of the issuance of your residence permit on this website

Enter the file number (10 characters) or your insurance number (12 characters) from the application receipt. In addition to the notification visible through this computer system regarding the status of the procedure, a text message will be sent to the international applicant with instructions on how to pick up the already prepared residence permit: day, time, and location. 

The Police website provides a tracker of your residence permit status. Enter the Numero Assicurata or Numero pratica (Spot it on your papers) 

N.B. Please note until your Residence Permit is issued, your application receipt will act as proof of your legal immigration registration and status, so always keep it with you, if you lose it or it's stolen, you need to file a report at a police / carabinieri station. 

Renewal of the Residence permit

The renewal of the residence permit must be requested from the competent police headquarters (Questura) in the province of residence at least 60 days (we recommend starting the renewal process 90 days before expiration) before the expiration date for the verification of the specified conditions. 

Registering as a resident in Milano

Remember that as a work / entrepreneurship residence permit applicant, as soon as you have submitted your residence permit application, you are allowed to register as a resident in Milano.

Permanent Residence

Since 8 January 2007, the permanent residence card ("carta di soggiorno") has been replaced by the EC residence permit for long-term residents

The new permit is permanent. You are entitled to apply for it only if you have been legally and continuously resident in Italy for five years. You can present your application either at the Post Office ("Uffici postali") or at the designated Municipal office ("Comune") or at other authorized offices ("Patronati"): in the last two cases you do not need to use the postal "application kit".


Your application must include: 

  • a copy of your valid passport or equivalent travel document; 

  • a copy of your income tax statement bearing evidence that you have a minimum income higher than the social allowance ("assegno sociale"). For domestic workers and caregivers: INPS (National Social Welfare Institution) payment receipts or INPS itemized statements; 

  • criminal records and pending charges; 

  • evidence of appropriate accommodation, if the application being submitted includes family members; 

  • copies of pay slips for the current year; 

  • a €14.62 electronic revenue stamp. 

  • residence and family certification; 

  • postal receipt for payment of the electronic residence permit (€27.50); 


The cost of the recorded delivery is €30

EC residence permit should not be issued to those who are considered a threat to public order and State security. 


The application can be submitted also for: 

  • the spouse if not legally separated or under 18 years of age; 

  • minor children, including children of the spouse or children born out of the wedlock; 

  • dependent children over 18 who are not self- supporting due to their health conditions resulting in permanent inability to earn their living; 

  • dependent parents. 


To obtain long-term resident status for your family members, your application must also include the following additional documents: 

  • Evidence that your annual income support is sufficient to maintain yourself and all the members of your family. If you apply for two or more children aged under 14, our annual income must be twice the annual amount of the social allowance ("assegno sociale"). 

  • Certificates attesting your family relationship. All foreign documents must be translated into Italian, legalized and certified by the competent Italian Consulate in the country of origin or residence of your family member or members. 


EC long-term residence permit entitles you to: 

  • enter Italy without a visa; 

  • work; 

  • enjoy social benefits and social services supplied by the Italian government; 

  • participate in local public life. 


If you hold an EC long-term residence permit issued by another member State, you are entitled to reside in Italy for a period exceeding 3 months on the following grounds: 

  • regular employment or self-employment; 

  • attendance of courses of study or vocational training; 

  • residence, provided that you prove to have stable and sufficient funds (your income must be over twice the minimum wage exempted from national health care contributions) and that you are covered by a private health insurance for the duration of your stay in Italy. In this case, you obtain a residence permit valid for Italy, renewable on expiration (circular letter of 16 Feb. 2010), while your family members obtain a residence permit for family purposes. 


Exclusions and refusals 

You cannot apply for an EC long-term residence permit on the following grounds: 

  • study or vocational training and scientific research; 

  • temporary protection or other humanitarian grounds; 

  • asylum or when awaiting a decision for recognition as a refugee; 

  • if you are a holder of a short-term residence permit; 

  • if you hold a diplomatic, official and service passport, or hold laissez-passer issued by international organizations of a universal character. 


Your EC long-term residence permit may be revoked in the following cases: 

  • You have acquired it fraudulently. 

  • An expulsion measure has been adopted against you. 

  • You no longer fulfil the requirements set for its issue. 

  • You have been absent from the territory of the European Union for a period of 12 consecutive months. 

  • You have acquired long-term resident status in another European Union member State 

  • You have been absent from Italy for a period exceeding 6 years. 



The housing suitability certificate

The housing suitability certificate is mandatory for foreigners applying for various residence permits in Italy. Here are the specific cases where it’s required:

  1. Employed and Self-Employed Work
  2. Family Reunification and Cohesion (Except for holders of a residence permit for international protection)
  3. EU Residence Permit for Long-Term Residents

The certificate ensures that the accommodation meets health and safety standards established by local or national authorities. These standards cover the house dimensions and structure, bathroom, fire safety, ventilation, light and more. Remember that specific requirements may vary based on location and regulations. In Milano, the local Municipio (one of the nine administrative areas in which the city is divided), is in charge of releasing the housing suitability certificate🏠✨

Visa for work and Suitable Accommodation: When you enter Italy for dependant work reasons, your employer must indicate suitable accommodation in your work permit clearance/nulla osta application. After arriving, when you sign a residence contract / contratto di soggiorno at the Sportello Unico, you’ll need to present a housing suitability certificate or a receipt showing that it’s been requested. The certificate is also required for permit renewals. Italian law allows police to reject permit renewals if suitable accommodation isn’t available.