Hereby you will find updates concerning the Coronavirus COVID-19 emergency.



New measures from April 12th, 2021

Under the government law of April 9th 2021, Lombardy is still considered a "orange area"* region (zona arancione).


Current measures for the "orange area" (medium risk area):

Transfersall transfers outside the Municipality where one lives or resides are forbidden, except those motivated by work, personal urgency or health reasons, for which a self-declaration is required.

From 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. all transfers are forbidden, except those motivated by work, personal urgency or health reasons, for which a self-declaration is required.

It is permitted to reach a different private home once a day between 05.00 a.m. and 10.00 p.m., for a maximum of 2 people in addition to those living there. Said people will be allowed to bring with them children not older than 14 years of age (or other children not older than 14 years of age over whom they exercise parental authority) and people with disabilities or people who are not self-sufficient and are living with them. Such transfers are only possible within the Municipality where one lives or resides.

For more info check the links to the webpages of the Government and of Regione Lombardia.

All transfers among different regions or Province Autonome are strictly forbidden all over Italy, except when motivated by work, personal urgency or health reasons.
It is anyway possible to return where one resides or lives.


*In Italy different colour areas are in force, according to the measures established by the Ministry of Health on the basis of weekly monitoring. 

What must I do if I live in Milano or if I am there temporarily?

Here are the main rules and regulations currently in force in Milano:


  • It is mandatory to wear a face mask covering your nose and mouth, indoors and outdoors, always keeping 1 meter away from other people.
  • Any gathering of people in public spaces or in spaces open to the public is forbidden.
  • Anyone with a body temperature from 37,5°C on must stay home, reduce all contacts and call a medicine doctor.
  • It is strictly forbidden to leave home for anyone subject to quarantine or that tested positive to the Coronavirus.

Are museums and art venues open?

Museums, exhibitions and art venues are closed.

Lots of museums are organising activities on their social media pages to entice followers to tour the collections online. Please visit the museums' websites for further information on the initiatives.

Are theatres, cinemas and concert venues open?

Shows open to the public are suspended in theaters, concert halls, cinemas and in-and outdoor spaces.


Lots of theatres, companies and orchestras are organising activities on their social media pages to entice followers to enjoy their events online. Please visit the websites for further information on the initiatives.

Are churches open?

Churches are open for the faithful for private prayer and religious functions. Visitors must maintain a 1-metre distance from other people present and must avoid gatherings.


Is public transport still operating?

Containment measures envisage a maximum occupancy of 50% on urban public transport and regional rail links.




The Atm (Milanese Transport Company) public transport service (underground, buses, trams) is currently operating across the entire network. It constantly provides updated information on the dedicated page on the official ATM website, as well as on the app and on their Twitter account.

ATM is carrying out deep cleaning on all vehicles in circulation on a daily basis; however, in view of the current crisis situation, all passengers are requested to collaborate by respecting the few indispensable rules on prevention, including wearing masks and gloves.




All information are available on the pages of each route on the website and on the Trenord App, as well as in the individual stations. 


The High Speed Trains provided by Trenitalia and ITALO Treno might undergo some changes. Detailed information can be found on their official websites.





Passenger traffic from/to Milano is guaranteed by three airports: Milano Malpensa (terminal 1 only) Milano Linate and Bergamo Orio al Serio

To reach the airport, Malpensa Express trains are operating from Milano Centrale Station and from Milano Cadorna Station.


For all information on travelling abroad, please check the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

For all flight status updates please contact your airline.

Are the bars, restaurants and shops open?

The measures applying to “red areas” are in force.


Retail commercial activities: All commercial activities are open. On holidays and on pre-holidays commercial activities inside shopping centers are closed, except those selling specific categories of goods.


Bars and restaurants: bars and pubs are open exclusively for take away until 06.00 p.m. Restaurants are open for take away until 10.00 p.m. Customers are allowed within the premises only for the duration of their purchase. It is forbidden to gather or eat and drink in the vicinity of the premises.