Hereby you will find updates concerning the Coronavirus COVID-19 emergency.


Starting from August 6th 2021, only people with EU Digital Covid Certificate (Green Certificate also called Green Pass) will be granted access to the following services and activities: catering service in any location when seated indoor; shows, events and sports competitions; museums, other institutions and places of culture and exhibitions; swimming pools, swimming centers, gyms, team sports, spas also when inside accommodation facilities, only for indoor activities; festivals and trade fairs, meetings and congresses, baths, theme-and amusement parks; cultural centers, community centers and leisure centers only for indoor activities; betting parlors, bingos and casinos. 

The Green Pass confirms the following conditions:

-being vaccinated against COVID-19;

-a negative molecular or antigen test within the last 48 hours;

-having recovered within the last 6 months.


For more info on the Green Pass please check the website of our Health Department Ministero della Salute 


Starting from June14th 2021, Lombardy is considered a "white area"* region (zona bianca).

Current measures for the "white area":

It is possible to move with no limitations for transfers. It is also allowed to move in and out of the region from and to other areas located in the yellow or white zones.

For more info check the links to the webpages of the Government and of Regione Lombardia.

*In Italy different colour areas are in force, according to the measures established by the Ministry of Health on the basis of weekly monitoring. 


What must I do if I live in Milano or if I am there temporarily?

Here are the main rules and regulations currently in force in Milano:


  • The obligation to wear facemasks outdoors  ends on June 28th in low-risk areas (white zones). The obligation will remain for indoor spaces and in outdoor areas in case of events and gatherings.
  • Any gathering of people in public spaces or in spaces open to the public is forbidden.
  • Anyone with a body temperature from 37,5°C on must stay home, reduce all contacts and call a medicine doctor.
  • It is strictly forbidden to leave home for anyone subject to quarantine or that tested positive to the Coronavirus.

Are museums and art venues open?

Museums and art venues are open. It is highly recommended  to book in advance.  However, in some museums  the reservation is always compulsory.


Green Pass required from August 6th.

Are theatres, cinemas and concert venues open?

Cinemas, theaters, concert halls, live clubs are open. Maximum capacity is 100% of the maximum allowed.


Green Pass required from August 6th.

Are churches open?

Churches are open for the faithful for private prayer and religious functions. Visitors must maintain a 1-metre distance from other people present and must avoid gatherings.


Is public transport still operating?

Containment measures envisage a maximum occupancy of 80% on urban public transport and regional rail links.

From September 1st 2021, new measures concerning the access and the use of public transport are being introduced, making a distinction between medium-long distance transportation and local public transport. No distinction is made for flights. Only owners of a valid Covid Green Pass will be allowed to access and use the following services: flights; ships and ferries connecting different regions; Intercity trains, Intercity Notte and High Speed trains; single price buses, offering a continuous or temporary road service on a route connecting more than two regions and having fixed itineraries, departure times, frequencies and prices; bus rental with driver, except those integrating local and regional public transport.  

For all other means of transportation the Green Pass will not be necessary.  



The Atm (Milanese Transport Company) public transport service (underground, buses, trams) is currently operating across the entire network. It constantly provides updated information on the dedicated page on the official ATM website, as well as on the app and on their Twitter account.

ATM is carrying out deep cleaning on all vehicles in circulation on a daily basis; however, in view of the current crisis situation, all passengers are requested to collaborate by respecting the few indispensable rules on prevention, including wearing masks and gloves.




All information are available on the pages of each route on the website and on the Trenord App, as well as in the individual stations. 


The High Speed Trains provided by Trenitalia and ITALO Treno might undergo some changes. Detailed information can be found on their official websites.





Passenger traffic from/to Milano is guaranteed by three airports: Milano Malpensa (terminal 1 only) Milano Linate and Bergamo Orio al Serio

To reach the airport, Malpensa Express trains are operating from Milano Centrale Station and from Milano Cadorna Station.


For all information on travelling abroad, please check the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

For all flight status updates please contact your airline.

Are the bars, restaurants and shops open?

The measures applying to “white areas are in force.


Retail commercial activities: all commercial activities are open. 

Bars and restaurants: it is possible to eat and drink inside and outside bars, pubs or restaurants.


Green Pass required from August 6th when seated indoor in restaurants and bars.



Can I practice sports? Can I assist to a sports event?

Any outdoor sports activity, included team and contact sports, are allowed, please just note that the use of changing rooms is forbidden, when not specified in the guidelines. 
Activities of gyms, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, swimming centers and spas are allowed, in the respect of the current rules and regulations.


The public is allowed in at all outdoor sports events and competitions. The capacity must not exceed 75% of the maximum capacity allowed outdoor and 60% for indoor facilities.


Green Pass required from August 6th for indoor sports activities.



Are trade fairs and congresses taking place?

Trade fairs, meetings, congresses and other events reopen.


Green Pass required from August 6th to attend fairs.