Milano has the second largest Chinatown in Europe, and its history begins a century ago. Via Sarpi is the main pedestrian thoroughfare of the neighborhood: Chinese gastronomy is everywhere with specialized restaurants, supermarkets and dumpling shops, but there’s also pizzerias and garment stores, patisseries and wine shops.

Via Sarpi is the place where everybody likes to hang out at night.

1 . Discover the local Food District

Walk down Via Paolo Sarpi, the longest pedestrianized street of the city, for a street food bonanza: Bao, Chinese dumplings, Italian ravioli, Mexican tacos, Sicilian cannoli, hust choose your favorite and take it to go.

2 . Learn about design history

Pay homage to Milanese design: the ADI Design Museum features all the products that have made the history of international design (M5 Monumentale).

3 . Cimitero Monumentale

Visit the largest open-air museum in the city: the Cimitero Monumentale, a place the keeps the memory of the individuals the made the city great, with mausoleums that are distinctive works of art in their own right.

4 . Lea Garofalo gardens and Feltrinelli foundation

Take a break in the Lea Garofalo community gardens, a jewel of tranquility near the triangular skyscraper that hosts Microsoft and the Feltrinelli Foundation.

5 . Happy Hour in via Cesariano

Have a noisy drink in Via Cesare Cesariano, where the locals like to hang out and a string of bars and osterias cater to them.