Milano: modern, classy, beautiful, and a little crazy.

It’s nearly the perfect European city.

If you wonder which are the best city districts for you to live in, we suggest  to go beyond the inner circle of your university campus, maybe a bit far from the city center. Thanks to the efficient public transport system, you will find out that moving from one place to the other in Milano is easy and fast.

Explore 8 most popular neighborhoods


NoLo stands for an area North of Loreto square. It is an area which has undergone a profound change in recent years being transformed from a working-class district to a place for creatives and young people, thanks to the opening of performing arts academies, art galleries, showrooms, bars, discos, and ethnic shops and restaurants.

The NoLo Area is composed by 3 neighborhoods: Greco, Casoretto and Turro.

Nolo is well connected to the rest of the city thanks to the Green and Red lines metro stations and is also close to Bicocca University and the Politecnico University.


Bicocca district hosts the University of Milano Bicocca and its distinct architectures. The campus has a life of itself, animated by coffee shops, shopping center and popular cultural spots as the Pirelli Hangar Bicocca, one of the most famous city museum of contemporary art. The museum also organizes bicycle tours of the district showcasing the former industrial zone as a vibrant arts scene. The Arcimboldi Theatre is also hosting concerts, musicals, and shows.

In this area you will also find Parco Nord, one of the greenest areas of the city covering an area of 7,9 square kilometres

Porta Romana

Porta Romana is a very sexy district for students, especially if you attend the Bocconi University. It is a pulsing and lively neighborhood, home to Fondazione Prada and Carcano Theatrewith a wide choice of the coolest restaurants and bars and only a few minutes walking from the city center. Many locals love to go jogging at Parco Ravizza or read a book in the quietness of Rotonda della Besana. 

Porta Genova

Porta Genova is one of the most densely populated neighborhoods in Milano also because of its strategic positioning close to Cattolica, IULM and Bocconi universities. The district is positioned less than half mile to the famous Navigli, the city historical waterway canals, and the trendiest spot where to get a Milanese aperitif. The nightlife here is very active and might represent the perfect choice to live both near the city centre and your faculty.

Città Studi – Politecnico

Città Studi is home to one of the most important university campuses in Milano. Piazza Leonardo da Vinci is home to Politecnico di Milano, where the Engineering and Architecture faculties are located. The Università Statale di Milano Veterinary Medicine, Agricultural and Food Sciences, Pharmacy, Science and Technology, and Exercise and Sports Sciences faculties are in the same area.No surprise if most of your neighbours will be students like you!

The historical buildings of the 1930’s have been partly converted into student rooms and the streets are filled with several bars, pizza restaurants, bakeries, gelato shops and sport facilities. Birrificio di Lambrate, the oldest microbrewery in the city, is a great spot for a beer after class.



Bovisa is a working-class and industrial district close to the Politecnico di Milano. The old factories of this area have all been little by little turned into trendy nightlife venues such as Spirit de Milan, restaurants, theaters or university accommodations. Bovisa host  the biggest Politecnico campus specialized in Design, Management and Industrial engineering, Energy, and Aerospace Science.

The neighbourhood is also a nice area for students of the Statale university, since the yellow metro line takes you straight. The Trenord trains from Bovisa station, are also a very fast connection to the city center.

Stazione Centrale & Porta Nuova

Milano Central Station and Porta Nuova district is a futuristic neighborhood. The Unicredit Tower, the golden trumpets of “Egg” installation and Bosco Verticale are just few examples of the most contemporary buildings that decorate the skyline in this area. Modernity melts with the epic 20th-century architecture of Stazione Centrale, the city’s main train station. It is one of the most developed Milano work district. If you love living in the centre of the city, this is your go-to district. It’s also convenient to live here to be on time for the train whenever you’re off to visit other Italian cities! If you study in Università Statale, catch the yellow line metro from Centrale and after 5 stops get off in Missori. To get to Città Studi and Politecnico it’s even closer, just 3 stops on the green line that - in the opposite direction- also brings you to IULM, Università Cattolica.

Bande Nere – Inganni

Bande Nere – Inganni is a residential area close to Lorenteggio. Green parks, supermarkets and restaurants blossom here. It’s the perfect neighborhood to relax and find quiet spots to study. The red line takes you in less than 15’ to Duomo.