Porta Venezia is the district that most embraces the many sides of the city: the cosmopolitan side, with its thousand flavours of international cuisine; the rainbow side, where diversity and inclusion are celebrated every day in the LGBTQ + clubs and, of course, in the biggest Pride event in Italy. It also displays the shopping and fashion side, with stylish niche boutiques in Corso Venezia showcasing well-known brands and emerging designer ateliers, up to the array of window displays along popular Corso Buenos Aires - and its artistic side, with the fabulous floral architecture of early 19th century Art Nouveau and, not least, its natural side with the English-style gardens, groves and streams of the Giardini Montanelli.

The cosmopolitan side

Porta Venezia is Italian, European and cosmopolitan at heart: whatever type of food scene you might want to try you won’t be disappointed.


This area can boast the city’s highest concentration of restaurants and clubs with specialities from all around the globe, the largest foreign communities being Ethiopian and Eritrean with their deliciously spicy meat as well as vegetarian cuisine.


The rainbow side

Porta Venezia has long established itself as a rainbow district as it annually hosts Italy’s largest Pride event.


Since June 2018, the walls of the M1 Porta Venezia underground stop have also been decorated to become a symbol of the LGBTQ + community so as to create a welcoming feeling upon arrival.


Milano’s LGBTQ + bars are located in the quadrilateral between via Lecco, via Panfilo Castaldi and via Tadino but the vibrant rainbow spirit is omnipresent throughout the district.

The side of shopping and fashion

Corso Venezia, known as one of the most elegant streets in Milano, forms one of the four "sides" of the famous Fashion Quadrilateral with its niche boutiques showcasing both established brands and emerging designers, juxtaposed with the popular shopping street: Corso Buenos Aires.

The artistic side

You can admire Milano’s Art Noveau side and its stunning architecture, an expression of the rich nineteenth-century bourgeoisie’s desire for modernity, through the various walking or cycling itineraries available.

The naturalistic side

This heterogeneous district can also boast a "green and natural" side as seen in the Giardini Indro Montanelli, inspired by a typical English garden, with groves, ponds and artificial rocks, in Villa Necchi Campiglio at Via Mozart 14, an architectural gem and a tranquil oasis of greenery, or in the English-style gardens of Villa Belgiojoso Bonaparte in via Palestro.

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