The district develops south of the Porta Romana gate in the Spanish walls. It has its own food district replete with wine bars, regional and ethnic restaurants and a buzzing weekly market (Fridays).

Populated by professionals and students, Porta Romana is one of the most enjoyable and attractive neighborhoods of the city. The future of the city lies south of M3 Lodi.

1 . Giardini della Guastalla

Watch the carps swimming in the baroque fish bath of the luscious Giardini della Guastalla, behind the Medieval cloisters of the State University

2 . A real Italian foodie experience

Hungry for real Italian food? Find restaurants from all regions of the Boot in Porta Romana.

3 . Fast Food (Porta Romana style)

A real must: for a quick lunch, discover Milano's most famous roast chicken joint in Piazza Buozzi

4 . A jog in Parco Ravizza

Jog along in the Ravizza park by the Bocconi sprawling campus.

5 . SPAs & Pools

In for a dip? In Porta Romana there are beautiful swimming pools and Spas where you can refresh and relax while sipping a soft drink.


Visit Fondazione Prada and the future Olympic Village. South of Piazzale Lodi (M3 Lodi TIBB), there’s the urban future of Milano, with the Parco Romana project which will host the Olympic Village of the 2026 Winter Games and connect Fondazione Prada, one of Europe’s hotspots for contemporary visual arts (M3 Brenta), to Porta Romana through a vast park.