The New Gallery Tower at Fondazione Prada

A skyscraper full of contemporary art and architecture

Fondazione Prada
Largo Isarco, 2

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Since April 2018, Fondazione Prada has added a new building to its complex in Milano; we are talking about The Tower, that with its nine floors hosts the permanent collection of the contemporary art foundation and a gorgeous restaurant with a rooftop panoramic terrace. The Tower is a white concrete geometrical architecture, with a height of 60 meters and some irregularities that makes it appear different in shape when viewed from changing perspectives. The new building, as well the whole Fondazione, has been projected by OMA, the renewed architecture-studio of Rem Koolas.


We can define the New Gallery Tower as the “Torre Velasca of contemporary art”, that together with its (g)old sister (The Gold Tower) has made Largo Isarco the centre of urbanistic renaissance in Milano through the last few years. The New Tower is a postmodern architecture and a six floor new exhibition area, where the permanent collection of Fondazione Prada has found a new home. This permanent exhibition project is named Atlas and is born from a fertile dialogue between Miuccia Prada and the curator Germano Celant.


There are a lot of artworks that undoubtedly can be labeled as instagram-friendly like the immersive installation full of upsidedown mushrooms by Carsten Höller, as well as the multicolor tulips made out of inoxidizable steel by Jeff Koons and the minimalist and science-fictional cubes created by Damien Hirst. All the artworks exhibited have been realized from 1960 to 2016; the collection includes also artworks from artists such as Carla Accardi, Walter De Maria, Pino Pascali, William N. Copley and John Baldessari among many others. Arte Povera and Kitsch-art have here the possibility to get in touch in the frame of a suggestive architectural space.


From the 9th top floor we can take a beautiful picture of the Milano-skyline from the panoramic and triangular shaped terrace out of Ristorante Torre - the restaurant is furnished with authentic pieces from the Fours Season Restaurant of New York, designed by Philip Johnson in 1958 and its walls are covered with Artist’s Plates by John Baldessari, Thomas Demand, Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg, Francesco Vezzoli and many others. Ristorante Torre is a place that offers a high-leveled gastronomic experience and a cultural one at the same time. The last surprise of this architectural is represented by the panoramic elevator that moves through the tower like a tranlucent marble space shuttle.

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