YesMilano FDI Dispatch - March 2022

Your monthly wrap-up to invest in Milano

The FDI Unit of YesMilano is helping foreign enterprises set up shop in Milano’s expanding marketplace. We have more 235 international companies in our pipeline, 76 from the Life Sciences, 74 in Fintech, 35 in Digital tech and 23 in Agritech ICT. We are currently engaged in 13 aftercare cases and 35 business leads. We also have 164 corporations on our list that are either prospective investors or are suspect of having an interest in the Milanese environment for financial startups and knowledge industries.


On the city’s R&D front, there are good news. In MIND, the new biotech and health innovation district to the northwest of the city, there was the official inauguration of the Human Technopole Lab, the new biotech research hub employing +100 international researchers from 20 different countries of the world, on February 25. The ribbon-cutting ceremony was attended by the Italian Minister for University and Research Maria Cristina Messa, Health Deputy Minister Pierpaolo Sileri, Milano Deputy Mayor Anna Scavuzzo, and Marco Simoni and Iain Mattaj, president and director of the Human Technopole, respectively.


The other Milanese specialty – fintech – is another front we are manning with skill and care. The YesMilano Soft Landing Program is continuing in association with Fintech District, helping all the micro-payments, asset management, crypto and other kinds of financial startups seed and grow in Milano, assisting foreign companies in all the phases of the investment process.


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Stuart is a French startup that has developed last-mile delivery platform that connects businesses, customers and couriers in order to innovate the way goods are transported in cities. It connects small and large companies with geo-localized

couriers, through a proprietary delivery technology. "Logistics for a sustainable world" is their motto, to combat congestion and pollution. After registering as a newco in Milano last fall, the company has been assisted by the YesMilano FDI Unit to successfully relocate inside the Regus Brera co-working space with a team of six people.


And at the end of March we’ll participate in Bio Europe Spring, the global marketplace for biotech and pharma, which this year will be solely digital, but will return in presence next year. We’ll also be heading to Toronto for the Canadian Fintech Summit on April 5-7 to contact startups interested in Milano’s fintech ecosystem, one of the top 3 in Europe.


Last but not least, Milano is pushing for Agrifood Tech with a month-long LinkedIn campaign that invites agricultural startups to establish their base here, at the heart of Lombard agricultural region which dominates Italian agricultural exports.
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