The Residence Permit / Permesso di Soggiorno, aka "Permit of stay", is the document required for non-EU nationals to validate legal stay in Italy for a designated period of time. 

  • Generally speaking, if you are subject to a visa for study, you are required to apply for the residence permit once in Milano

  • You must apply for the Residence Permit within eight working days of your arrival in Italy

  • Applications for residence permits in Milano can be submitted to any Post Office / Ufficio Postale which features a Citizen Service / Servizi al Cittadino counter.

  • In most cases, your Academy / University will provide you with the application forms, the relevant documentation, and specific instructions to fill out the application.  Let's see how the process works:

Last updated: 21/12/2023

Get the application kit from the International Student Office

of your University/ Academy, or Post offices

Get in touch with the International Student Office in your University and Academy.

You will get the guidance, the necessary documents to complete the application, and special instructions to fill in the form.

Most International Students Offices can provide you with a copy of the application kit and workshops or one-to-one sessions to fill it in correctly.

Alternatively, you can pick up one application kit at Post Offices (only one kit per applicant – you must go in person). 

Ask for Kit Giallo per la richiesta di Permesso di Soggiorno. The yellow application kit is an envelope with a yellow mark on one side. It contains the residence permit application forms and the instructions for filling them up (in Italian). 

Fill out the forms

Ask your University /Academy for guidance or instructions on how to fill the forms correctly.

Alternatively, the Guide to filling out the application kit may help you (courtesy of Politecnico di Milano). 

Your University/Academy/School may have set up sessions to help you fill in correctly the forms, as well as special instructions to do it.  

TIP: get and write an Italian mobile number: you will receive SMS notifications about the different steps of your process. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you have your tax code, mention it in the relevant part of the form. You can submit your first application without the tax code if you are still waiting for yours.

Buy a revenue stamp / Marca da bollo

In order to submit the application form at the Post Office, you must also purchase in advance a 16-euro revenue stamp (called “Marca da Bollo”) at a “Tabaccheria” (a Tobacconist’s shop marked with a “T” sign on the outside), located throughout the city.  

The revenue stamp has to be affixed to the application form to be submitted. 

Attach documents and items required for submission with the application form

These are the documents you need to attach:

  • Completed application form (make sure to get a copy of it, as you will need it for subsequent purposes, including during your interview at the police office). Please note: you will sign and date the application form in front of the post officer at the Post Office. 
  • Photocopy of Passport or valid national ID document. Copy the page containing your personal data and student visa/entry stamp. You must show the original ID to the post officer. 

  • Photocopy of admission letter endorsed by the Italian Embassy or Consulate in home country during Student Visa application process.  

  • Photocopy of enrolment certification print-out from your University /Academy /School in Italy, confirming your enrolment (provided to you in your university documentation).  

  • Photocopy of health insurance policy or its payment receipt, valid in Italy for the duration of your residence permit. 

  • Photocopy of proof of domicile (rent contract, declaration by the university residence, registration slip by hotel, declaration of hospitality of foreign citizen made by the landlord to Police station). Attach this only if this will be the address at the time of your appointment the Police offices. 

  • Photocopy of documentation certifying adequate financial resources  (approximately > € 6,600 per year) for the validity period of the residence permit (e.g.: a recent bank account report or a bank letter of financial good standing). This document must clearly state your name. 

  • Revenue stamp / Marca da bollo of €16.00. It will be placed on the completed permit of stay application and voided by the Post official. Revenue stamps can be bought at Tobacconists shops (see above)

  • Proof of payment of €70.46 (to be paid at the post office while submitting the application) for the electronic permit of stay The payment form is included in the post office kit, and it is divided into three sections: the bigger part will be retained by the Post, the smallest in the centre will be your receipt - keep it safe - and the one on the left is the proof of payment/Attestazione di versamento to be included in the kit).  


Proof of health coverage

To be covered for health necessities and emergencies is paramount to get the residence permit and, in addition to your career duration, its validity period is directly linked to the length of your health coverage (Residence permit for study lasts a maximum of one year). 

You can provide a private insurance certificate valid for at least one year (follow the suggestions of your University) or you can provide proof of the voluntary membership to the National healthcare Service.

As you may know the voluntary membership to the National healthcare Service is on a calendar year base (it expires on 31 December of each year and may be renewed starting 1 January)

It is important to know that in the application kit you can attach the receipt of the payment of the voluntary registration to the SSN and present proof of registration to the NHS at the appointment, if you are already covered by a previous insurance at the time of the application for stay (even if expiring in some time).
For example: you submit an application for a residence permit in October, with active NHS membership until December 31st or a private health insurance that covers you at lest after 31.12.

In this case, you are covered by an insurance, even if expiring, at the moment of application: attach to the application kit copy of proof of the current coverage plus copy of proof of payment for the voluntary NHS membership that will start from January and demonstrate the actual membership at the appointment with the Police.

Source: Questura di Milano

Proof of address: Dichiarazione di ospitalità & Cessione di Fabbricato.

If you are a guest of someone(no contract) your host will go to any Police station and register you as a guest with the the Declaration of hospitality / Dichiarazione di ospitalità. Here the details from the Police website: Form Process


If you are a tenant the owner will declare your presence with the declaration Cessione di Fabbricato:

The landlord will go to register a new Non-EU guest at any police station with their ID a copy of your ID and visa or residence permit, the rent contract and the rent registration receipt. Here the details from the Police website: Process 


Hotels, Bed and breakfast and residences will register you online and give you the receipt of registration with the police.


Attach a copy of the registration to the application and/or show the original at your interview with the Police.


Submit the application at Post Office

Go to the Post Office and take a ticket for a Servizi al Cittadino counter. You may book an appointment in advance by using the Ufficio Postale app, available for your mobile device. Check in with the appointment QR code on the ticket machine when entering the Post Office and wait for your call number to appear on the screen above the counter.  

An employee will check out your identity with the original ID and verify that the original documents correspond to the photocopies you send in.  

You must sign and date the application form in front of the Post officer.  

Fill in a pre-set payment slip with your data, the amount in numbers €70.46 and letters SETTANTA/46 and pay the fees. You will also pay separately the mailing cost (€30) at the post office counter. 

The post officer will also void the revenue stamp, register you on the informatic system, close the envelope and forward it to the Police. 

Receipt and appointment letter

Upon submission of the kit, you will receive a receipt (one small slip of paper with a hologram “Ricevuta mod. 22A”, that is the certified letter receipt). 

You will also be given the first available appointment (on a letter stating time, date and place) for your interview with the Police which is the next step of your Residence Permit application. 


Check your application status

Printed on the receipt slip, you will receive a postal tracking number for your application (Numero Assicurata), a user ID and a password (that will enable you to check on the issuance status of your Residence Permit online on the site (click on “Area Riservata Stranieri“).   

Enter the registered mail code (12 characters) relating to the application for your residence permit. Type the password on the post office receipt (enter all the digits of the password including the last but without the hyphen). 

The same data and the File number / Numero Pratica that you will get at your interview will also be useful to check your residence permit card status on the dedicated page on the website of the Italian Police

The application receipt is an official document

Please note until your Residence Permit is issued, your application receipt will act as proof of your legal immigration registration and status, so keep it with you at all times (you might also make an extra copy of it but the original one has to be shown in case of Police controls). 

So, keep the receipt safe as you would with your passport. In case you lose it, you must report theft or loss to the police. 

The receipt is valid as proof of your regular immigration status only with Italian authorities; therefore, it will not be recognized as a valid document by other countries’ authorities, e.g. when entering foreign borders, including flight stopovers in other Schengen countries. If you need to travel or stopover in Europe, but you only have the first application receipt or an expired residence permit, you may need a visa. Double check with your destination Country Consulate. 

Police interview and fingerprinting

You must go to the designated Police office at the time and date of the appointment provided to you on the receipt you received at the Post Office upon submission of the Residence Permit application (discussed above).  

At the Police office you will present the required documents, that will be reviewed in a brief interview along with a double check on your personal and contact data. The officer will also take your biometric data (fingerprints). 

If any variations occurred to your documents between the application and the interview, e.g. you changed your address / started a tenancy, got the enrolment confirmation for the national public healthcare or you got your tax code certificate, bring the new documentation with you in case of need. 

Documents required for the Questura interview

  • ID (Passport) 

  • Application kit receipt 

  • Copy of the application forms from the Kit 

  • Copy of your Passport  

  • 2 identical passport-sized photographs 

  • Original of insurance policy valid in Italy or receipt of payment for Italian insurance policy, valid for the duration of your Visa term. Insurance certificates must be in English or Italian language. 

  • Original of document certifying adequate financial resources

  • Original of proof of domicile (rent contract, declaration of hospitality …)

After the appointment, it may take on average one month (or longer depending on Police workloads) for issuing your Residence Permit Card. You will receive SMS notification that your Card is ready and of the date, time, and place for pick up.  

Alternatively, you can also check the Residence Permit status online on the website of the Italian Police. Type the Numero Pratica / file number noted in pen, on the receipt issued by the Police Headquarters after your Interview (10-character alphanumeric code). Otherwise, enter the registered mail code (12 characters) on your post office application for your residence permit. 

Residence Permit Card pick-up and activation

Upon notification that the Residence Permit Card is ready for pickup, go to the designated location to retrieve the Residence Permit being issued.  

Bring your original ID and the application receipt in original.  

The Police officer will identify you and activate the Residence Permit Card. 

Validity of the Residence Permit

The Residence Permit validity can range from three months to one year.

If you are holding a valid study residence permit, you are allowed to work in Italy for max. 20 hours per week (up to max.1040 hours per year). 

Non-EU students coming from a EU country to Italy in exchange / Erasmus

If you are a non-EU student studying in an EU country (other than Italy), with a residence permit issued by the EU country in which they study, and come to Italy under an official study exchange program (such as Erasmus) you can stay in Italy for up to 360 days with only a statement of presence at the local police station (dichiarazione di presenza- if a hotel or B&B registered you you can just keep the registration receipt) and your valid residence permit from the country you are enrolled in.

source: Questura di Milano. see section 39 (4bis) consolidated immigration text

Non-EU students coming from a EU country to Italy to continue their studies

Non-EU students studying in an EU country (other than Italy) and who, therefore, have a residence permit for the EU country in which they study, and come to Italy to continue their studies, and do not benefit from mobility agreements between educational institutions (such as Erasmus), must apply for a residence permit for study purposes, by postal kit.

You shall attach to the application documentation from the academic authorities of the country you come from, attesting that the chosen course of study is complementary to the previous one.


source: Questura di Milano see section 39 (4ter) Consolidated immigration text

If you stay for less than 90 days

Foreigners who intend to stay in Italy for a period not exceeding 90 days for mission, sports competition, visit, business, tourism, scientific research, and study do not need to apply for a residence permit, as the declaration of presence is sufficient.

Declaration of presence

Dichiarazione di presenza

Students who come in exchange from countries that apply the Schengen Agreement must declare their presence, within eight days of entry into Italy, to the Questura (Central immigration officevia Montebello 26, Milano) or any Police station (Commissariato di Polizia) of the province in which they are located by signing a specific form.

A copy of the form by which the foreigner has declared his presence shall be issued to the person concerned so that he can attest to the fulfilment of his legal obligation; this copy shall be presented at any request by officers and public security officers.

If you arrive in Italy from countries that do not apply the Schengen Agreement, the entry stamp at the border is enough.

If you stay at hotels, residences, and similar, get the receipt of the registration made by the hotelier, who is obliged to report to the authority the details of the foreign people staying within 24 hours after their arrival.



My student visa is a single entry / only valid for 6 months / 1 year, after that, I would only have my residence permit / permesso di soggiorno. Can I travel in the Schengen zone with my residence permit?

Yes, the visa (full name Schengen Entry Visa) allows you to arrive in your host country, enter and travel in the Schengen area in its validity period- (read more about visa on ilvistoperlitalia portal)

After your arrival, you must apply for and get a residence permit. You can stay in the issuing Country for the validity period of the residence permit and you can travel around the Schengen area for short periods (up to 90 days over a 180 days period, unless you are taking part in an official exchange program)


Do I also need to bring my passport with me at all times, or is the permesso sufficient?

You need to show your passport or your Italian ID Card along with your Residence permit (source).


What is the earliest time I can ask for the renewal of my permesso?

We recommend to apply at least three months in advance.


What happens to my ability to travel if my Residence permit expires? 

You can't use an expired residence permit card to travel to another Schengen country. The receipt for its renewal is taken as valid only by Italian authorities. That means you can re-enter Italy with your passport, visa page expired residence permit card, and receipt of the renewal; But, if you have to travel to, or stopover in, another Schengen Country you need to have another document that enables you to enter: such as a re-entry visa, or a passport that allows you to enter that Country without a visa.


What do I need to renew my permesso di soggiorno?

The residence permit for study has a maximum validity of 12 months. You can apply for a renewal as long as you are still a student. Start your application process well in advance. We recommend at least 90 days before the expiry date.

The process is roughly the same of the first application. Attach the usual documentation, updated to the renewal application date, and proof of having passed at least one exam (on your first renewal) or two exams (on the following renewals) in the next years. 

We recommend that you use the help of a Patronato to fill out the forms and review the attachments with the help of a professional. If you use the Patronato service there is no need to pick up a "yellow" kit at the post office: Patronato will print out all the pre-filled forms to be brought to the post office for the usual submission.