The exhibitions not to be missed in Milano this summer

From Chinese art and Surrealism to the great contemporary artists


Summer culture in Milano is tinged with the hues of contemporary art at the Gallerie d'Italia, Chinese art at the Fabbrica del Vapore, Doisneau's evocative black and white images at the Diocesan Museum, astonishing exhibitions at Palazzo Reale, and much more.


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Robert Doisneau

Diocesan Museum - Until October 15th, 2023

What’s most fascinating about Robert Doisneau's humanist photographs is the vibration of life perceived in each shot. From the famous kiss on the streets of Paris, to the children in the classroom amongst the wooden benches, and the musician who shelters his cello from the rain with an umbrella… Doisneau's images have entered the collective imagination and, the exhibition at the Diocesan Museum until October 15th, enables us to retrace his fifty-year career.


With both his iconic shots and his lesser-known photos, the exhibition analyses the artist’s most recurring and recognizable themes, from war to liberation, work, love, children's games and leisure activities.


Not to be missed, at the end of the exhibition, is an excerpt from the film made in 2016 by the French photographer's granddaughter, Clémentine Deroudille - Robert Doisneau, Le révolté du merveilleux - to learn more about the man behind the artworks.


€ 9

Summer closure from August 14th to 17th.

China - The New Frontier of Art

Fabbrica del Vapore - From June 24th to October 8th, 2023

By getting to know the art of a country, we enter the soul of its inhabitants. For a long time, China was a remote and distant place, but what happens today in the Far East also affects us, and the distances have now diminished.


For this reason, the China - The New Frontier of Art exhibition at the Fabbrica del Vapore, from June 24th to October 8th, is indispensable to better understand the rapid and profound changes that have given a new face to China. 


After the 1980s, characterized by a form of Pop Art defined as pop-cynical, artists emerged who were discovering new forms of expression, more mindful but no less eclectic. The use of tradition is combined with the most contemporary techniques.


Works by consolidated masters sit side by side with contemporary works from new generations, to delve ever deeper into the soul of this country.


From € 5 to € 17

AN UNEXPECTED COLLECTION. Journey into contemporary painting and sculpture

Gallerie d'Italia - Until October 22nd, 2023

Not an exhibition as such, but rather an unmissable opportunity to take an unprecedented journey through the works of the Intesa San Paolo collections, of which Gallerie d'Italia is an expression.


In dialogue with Cantiere del '900, the museum’s permanent exhibition dedicated to 20th-century artists, over 70 works - not usually exhibited in the museum spaces - narrate the varying sculptural research of some of the significant 20th-century exponents in comparison with essential insights into post-World War II painting.


A succession of artists of international standing, and often closely linked to the city of Milano, are displayed: from Marino Marini, Arturo Martini and Giacomo Manzù, to Fausto Melotti and Lucio Fontana, artists to whom two entire rooms are dedicated.
Plus, Jean Hans Arp, with a monumental sculpture in white marble at the entrance to the museum, Sol LeWitt, Piero Manzoni, Alberto Burri, Carla Accardi and Pietro Consagra.


Let yourself be guided by the talent and vision of the great artists, in a journey that presents artworks never before exhibited together.


From € 8 to € 10

Dalì, Magritte, Man Ray and Surrealism. Masterpieces on loan from the Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum in Rotterdam

MUDEC Museum of Cultures - Until July 30th, 2023

For many of us the word ‘Surrealism’ might conjure up images of Dali's Melting or Soft watches, or Magritte’s apple obscuring the face of a man with a bowler hat, but Surrealism is much more than this. To find out more about this artistic movement that captivated Europe and the United States, visit the exhibition at the MUDEC Museo delle Culture.


180 works - comprising paintings, sculptures, drawings, documents and artifacts - are on loan from the Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum in Rotterdam, which can claim to possess the most unique surrealist art collection in the world. The works depict the fundamental themes upon which surrealist research has focused - dream and reality, psyche, love and desire, a new model of beauty.


Each room invites us to discover the Surrealists' main premises and motivations: the use of found objects, automatic techniques or game-like rules; the artists strived to exclude the rational, in the hope of creating a poetic shock that would change the world.


Discover the world from another point of view.


From € 18 to € 20

Oltre la soglia. Leandro Erlich

Palazzo Reale - Until October 4th, 2023

Who hasn’t ever dreamt of stepping into a work of art and becoming part of it? To sit next to Renoir's ballerinas, to look upwards to Van Gogh's starry sky, to reach out and caress Turner's sea. Thanks to Leandro Erlich’s extraordinary artworks, all this becomes a reality: the artist creates mega installations with which the public relates and interacts, becoming part of the artwork itself.


So, there are lifts that go nowhere, facades which, amazingly, you can ascend, escalators that are tangled: everything is completely different from what it seems, space follows different rules, and the normal becomes extraordinary.


From April 22nd to October 4thPalazzo Reale hosts the first monographic European exhibition dedicated to Erlich, following his exhibitions around the world that have attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors with his unique installations.


Are you ready to let the extraordinary into the ordinary?


Tickets from € 13 to € 17

PERFORMING PAC. Dance Me To The End Of Love

PAC Contemporary Art Pavilion - From July 11th to September 10th, 2023

PERFORMING PAC is the Contemporary Art Pavilion format dedicated to a current theme in the field of contemporary visual arts studies.

This year, on the thirtieth anniversary of the mafia massacre in Via Palestro that also damaged the museum space, PERFORMING PAC Estate 2023 is dedicated to the relationship between contemporary art and historical memory.


Through videos, photographs, installations, performances and a small flashback exhibition with materials from the PAC Archive, it narrates how artistic research has treated memory as a link between what is experienced by each of us individually and events that involve everyone.


The exhibition title, Dance Me to the End of Love, a quotation from a 1984 song by Leonard Cohen inspired by the story of the Shoah, is influenced by the drama that seems to vanish in the salvific and peaceful mission of art as a vehicle of memory, capable of being more powerful than all cruelty


Come and discover the works of artists Maja Bajevic, Christian Boltanski, Yael Bartana, Maurizio Cattelan, Clemencia Echeverri, Miguel Gomes, Douglas Gordon, Ottonella Mocellin and Nicola Pellegrini, and Giulio Squillacciotti.

XHIXHA. The Palace in the Mirror

Palazzo Reale - From July 1st to September 3rd, 2023

A small but very unique exhibition of installations will be held this summer in the halls of Palazzo Reale: La Reggia allo Specchio (The Palace in the Mirror) by Helidon Xhixha.


In the artist's own words, Xhixha is a sculptor who doesn't really make a ‘sculpture out of materials’, but uses ‘materials to sculpt light’. In fact, most of his works are in mirrored steel to reflect and refract the surrounding environment


From July 1st to September 3rd, five site-specific sculptural installations will dialogue with the monumental spaces of Palazzo Reale, in which visitors also become an integral part of the work by moving in the space and in the reflections.


Free entry

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