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Fiera Milano Rho
Strada Statale Sempione, 28

Christmas in Milano is a celebration to be lived all around the city, among illuminated streets, sparkling shops, and within the walls of Rho Fiera Milano. The huge pavilions of Milano exhibition center, from the end of November until Sant’Ambrogio weekend, are full of flavors from all over the world and, moreover, some of the most fascinating, hard-to-find items with different origins. Here, on the throne, there are artisans and their own products. The merchandise for sale is all designed for small production, so those who buy know that they are having unique products.  


The pavilions are organized in such a way that the fair is divided into two paths. The first one is dedicated to Italy and its Regions: here you can find the typical products of the Peninsula, including wine bottles from small local producers, sweets, cured meats, objects of different nature such as jewelry or handcrafted toys. In the second one - dedicated to Europe and world - you can try the best dishes of international kitchen, discovering gastronomic tours oriented to satisfy the most different tastes. During the aperitif hour, the fair turns into a festive moment - all culinary stands become small restaurants where you can taste traditional dishes at special prices. During the days of the fair it is very common to see musical or dance performances, with the shows' interpreters wearing traditional clothes. As a regular event, every year Milano citizens go shopping in this large covered market, especially to find original gifts for Christmas.

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Opening times:

From 10:00 to 22:30

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Public transport:


M1 - Rho Fiera Milano






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