Carnival in Milano 2022

Traditions and sweets


How can you possibly miss the Milano Carnival, where the celebrations finish four days after those in the rest of Italy, from March 3rd to 5th, 2022?
This is why Carnevale here is taken seriously, celebrated in its full traditional glory. 
The air is filled with colours, confetti and the sweetest aroma of chiacchiere and tortelli.


Discover the Milanese traditions and celebrate with us!


We celebrate 4 days more than the others: here's why

Everyone celebrates Carnival on “Shrove Tuesday”, but we keep on celebrating until Saturday... Here's why!

Chiacchiere or tortelli?

Mmm… How to decide between a crumbly pastry and a soft frittella? We will guide you in the pleasurable choice. And if you want to try to prepare them at home, here you can find our recipes!

Meneghino, the Milanese costume

Erudite language, witty and lively intelligence, a generous character. This is “Meneghin”, the servant much loved by people, poets and playwrights alike, the traditional Milanese costume.