Fashion Film Festival Milano presents, exclusively for YesMilano, The Best Of FFFMilano”, a selection of the best fashion films presented during the past editions of the Festival selected by the prestigious international Jury of the event.

Jumper by Justin Anderson for Jonathan Saunders

Jumper is a short film written and directed by Justin Anderson. It was produced to coincide with the the 10 year anniversary of British fashion designer, Jonathan Saunders.

Inspired by the 1968 Pasolini’s film "Teorema" – the film focuses on a middle class family of four, whose lives are all individually connected to a mysterious visitor.


Paused by film series by Wim Wenders for Jil Sander

Paused by film series di Wim Wenders per Jil Sander is a project in four very short chapters capable of transmitting aesthetic arthouse vibes to fashion and cinema fans. The clothes worn by the actors are brought out to the full in this game of crossed fates.

You can watch them at these links:

WIM WENDERS - Jil Sander ‘Anything’;

WIM WENDERS - Jil Sander ‘Photoshoot

WIM WENDERS - Jil Sander ‘Paternoster

WIM WENDERS - Jil Sander ‘The Lake


Albert the dog by Pensacola for Ray-Ban

Albert the dog by Pensacola for Ray-Ban won the award for Best Director in the 2017 edition of FFFMilano.

The daily dynamics of a family are disturbed by a particular transformation affecting one of its members.

Brave by Spike Lee for Moncler

Braveis a short documentary set in New York and shot by Spike Lee for Moncler. Cultural contamination, urban vibrations, music and the faces of the people who animate the streets are the protagonists of this film.

My Mutant brain by Spike Jonze for Kenzo

With Spike Jonze's My Mutant brain for Kenzo you enter a fantastically choreographed nightmare, starring the beautiful Margaret Qualley.

Snowbird by Sean Baker for Kenzo

A contempo western atmosphere in “Snowbird” by Sean Baker for Kenzo.

Nirvana by Jess Kohl

Nirvanaby Jess Kohl: for eighteen days of the year, the small village of Villipurgam in Tamil Nadu, is transformed into ‘Koovagam’, the largest gathering of transgender women in Asia.

Yo! My Saint by Ana Lily Amirpour for Kenzo

Yo! My Saintby Ana Lily Amirpour for Kenzo, music by Karen O featuring Michael Kiwanuka, is a three-pronged artistic endeavor incorporating music, film, and fashion.

Muxes by Ivan Olita

Muxesby Ivan Olita explores the world of the muxes, who are considered the country's third gender-individuals who were assigned male at birth but live their lives as women, in the town of Juchitán in Oaxaca, Mexico,

Miranda July introduces The Miranda by Miranda July for Welcomecompanions

"Miranda July introduces The Mirandaby Miranda July for Welcomecompanions: a funny sketch about a very special bag.

Sundowner by Marie Schuller

Sundownerby Marie Schuller: three friends, a mysterious atmosphere and fantastic clothes.

Women in uniform by Barbara Anastacio

Women in uniform” by Barbara Anastacio presents four female figures proudly wearing a work uniform.

To die by your side by Spike Jonze for Olympia le Tan

"To die by your side" di Spike Jonze for Olympia le Tan is a beautiful animated fairy tale to watch in one go.

Behind the Bag by Gigi & Roi Ben Artzi for Pop & Suki

Behind the Bagby Gigi & Roi Ben Artzi for Pop & Suki is an original and ironic project that recalls the glamour of the 1960s.

JWA TV by Michael MacCool for JW Anderson

JWA TVby Michael MacCool for JW Anderson is a series of parody videos shot in the style of a tele-shopping television broadcast.