Buka: Ivreatronic

The crew from Ivrea plays at the former Cinema Aramis

District 272
via Padova, 272

There was a time when Ivreatronic was a mystery. Today, since the crew has removed the mysterious veil on its djs, the Ivreatronic nights are definitely highly awaited. This week-end, at Buka consolle, we will listen and see Splendore, Enea Pascal and Fabio Fabio entering the District 272 walls and make the dancefloor go crazy. They also produce music from Piedmont land, the place where they come from, and they turn Italian electronic talents into an important resource to be spread all over Europe. Impossible not to notice how the collective is very popular thanks to the great success of Cosmo, but the strength of Ivrea's music lies in being united under one goal - to spread positive vibrations. Therefore we go to Buka with great expectations and with the certainty that our local electronic music is an exceptional artistic reference.

Opening times

Opening times:

From 22:30 to 5

Ticket information

Ticket information:

€ 15/13

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Public transport:




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