Salone dei Pagamenti


Palazzo MiCo - Via Gattamelata - Gate 13 20149

Palazzo MiCo hosts Salone dei Pagamenti, an event that features ABI - Italian Banking association-, in collaboration with Feduf - Foundation Financial and savings education Fondation and CBI Consortium. 
Salone di Pagamenti, at its 4th edition, it's the most important Italian event on new technologies and payment systems. 


The Event will be held from the 6th to the 8th of November and it will include an exposition area where to meet leading company in the field, workshops and networking. Thanks to the collaboration of Fintech District the event will see the most innovative startups, meeting the public as well as potential investors. 


Among the speakers of the event Nikolay Storonsky, CEO of Revolut, for the first time in Italy.Storonsky, in conversation with  Paolo Zaccardi - Ceo of Fabrick - will talk about the future of the Financial sector and the next goals of UK Fintech industry, together with an analysis of challenges and opportunities of the open banking. Fabrick is indeed the first actor in Italy to foster open banking in the Country.


The Event is divided into 9 thematic areas: 

1. The future of Global Payments 

2. Bank (R)evolution 

3. The new frontier of Tech 

4. Cash free Shopping 

5. Open banking and platform economy

6. Privacy & Security 

7. Digitalife and new Generations 

8. Towards a digital society 

9. Fintech and open innovation 


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Ticket information:

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