Taking temporary residence in Milano as Students + Q&A

Workshop for International Students

at 1.00 pm - Online Event

Learn how, why, when, and where to file for Temporary Residence in Milano, how the process works and what the next steps are.

After the workshop, there'll be a Q&A session providing you with the valuable opportunity to ask about various aspects of life in Milano. Whether you have queries regarding administrative procedures or tips for navigating the city, this session will cater to all your concerns and curiosities.


Register here to the workshop on September 8th

Register here to the workshop on October 26th


Free workshop for: all incoming EU students planning to stay in Milano for not more than one year, but over 4 months.

About the Workshop

In this workshop you will:​

  • Learn the difference between the temporary residence and the actual resident status​

  • Learn what documents are required to apply for residence​

  • Learn how to apply through the dedicated form to be sent over e-mail​

  • participate in a Q&A session

  • All participants will be given the opportunity to revise and submit the application with the help of one staff member​

In collaboration with the Anagrafe (City Registry)​

Temporary Residence

It is an obligation to register at the City Registry if you stay more than 4 months: in order to comply, if your stay is temporary, you may want to file a temporary residence application, valid up to one year, without the effects of the Residence registration. We set up with the City Registry a simple and streamlined process via e-mail for short-stay EU students to register as temporary residents hassle-free in a few minutes.

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