An actress, a playwright, a feminist, a politician. Franca Rame was all of these things; a great, beautiful, and cultured woman capable of transforming the tragedy of the rape that had struck her into one of the most emotional theatrical monologues, ever. In the sixties, with her husband Dario Fo, she conquered the theatres of Milano with the "Compagnia Dario Fo-Franca Rame", where he worked as director and playwright and she, instead, as first actress and administrator. For Franca theatre and life formed an indissoluble unity in which the stage was always the same: the city of Milano.


Let's discover this special ID of Franca Rame that we have written especially for you.


Franca Rame


She was an artists' daughter: her parents were actors, as was her brother. Since she was born, she learned to be on stage, following the family tour company; then continued with theatrical experiences.


Together with her husband Dario Fo, Franca lived in a beautiful apartment in the Porta Romana district. The two, however, got married in the Basilica of Sant'Ambrogio, placed in Porta Genova district.


The Franca Rame Garden, in Adriano district - a splendid park to be lived to the full, as if it were a stage of daily life, art and culture that the city of Milano wanted to dedicate to one of the most important female voices that lived in the city; and Palazzina Liberty ("Liberty Palace") inside Vittorio Formentano Park, which hosts musical events and performances of free theatre during the year.


"Today, at my age, I can say that I'm trying to finish the things in my life left unfinished, like a biography that I'm writing - let's say - so as not to leave anything empty. But what I would like to keep telling women, even after my death, is never to lose respect for themselves, to have dignity. Always. Thinking back on my life, I have never allowed myself to be disrespected".


Adult Orgasm Escapes From The Zoo by Franca Rame.