The Milanese museums have developed some strategies for digital sharing of their collections. There are so many activities dedicated to children and adults with creative guides to the personal study of art history. Here are our top museums to explore online.


Castello Sforzesco Museums

You can visit virtually Castello Sforzesco, its secret itineraries and the masterpieces of the Municipal Collections preserved in its rooms, thanks to a collaborative project between Google and the Castle Museums. In the app Google Arts&Culture you will find 8 themed stories and 288 insights on individual works created by the Castle's experts, 12 virtual tours that will allow you to preview the Castle and better plan your future visit, endless links to other works and other museums thanks to the indexing of each element. 

Every day on the social channels of the Castle (Facebook and Instagram) are published videos presenting works preserved in the Museums and panoramic shots of the structure.

Finally, here you can find the link to the libraries (the most beautiful images taken from the graphic collections of the City of Milano accessible online) and the digital archives of the Sforza Castle (in the section FotografieInComune you can view more than 57,000 images preserved in the Municipal Historical Collections).

The Last Supper

An app accompanies you to the discovery of the famous Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper, located at the Basilica of Santa Maria delle Grazie: here you can find the Android version, while at this link the IOS.

Pinacoteca di Brera

Pinacoteca di Brera offers on its website the review of 669 works and a virtual tour in very high definition that allows you to admire the masterpieces it houses by authors such as Raphael, Bellini and Caravaggio. Consider that this campaign of digitization offers an aesthetic approach that improves the "live" vision: having the opportunity to enlarge the image up to 40 times, you can observe details otherwise invisible to the human eye.

Ambrosiana Gallery

On the Ambrosiana Gallery website you can find a digital catalogue, a digital library and the possibility to take a Virtual Tour.

National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci

The Leonardo da Vinci Museum proposes various digital insights: discover the #storieaportechiuse archive and all the news on the official website.


Municipal Museum of Natural History

In the permanent exhibitions section on the official website of the Museum you will find detailed explanations of each room and a beautiful photo gallery!

Archaeological Museum

The Municipal Archaeological Museum’s website is also very rich. In Le Collezioni ("The Collections") section, it offers interesting insights into the prestigious Milanese antiquities it exhibits

The Museum is also equipped to propose educational games to download for free, in order to entertain children, and bring them closer to archaeology.

DownloadMosaics to color - pdf 1.88 MB
DownloadDot to dots - pdf 870.88 KB

Bagatti Valsecchi Museum

On its Facebook profile, the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum reports anecdotes, curiosities and many photographs of the treasures preserved here.

Poldi Pezzoli Museum

In addition to the stories on Instagram, the Poldi Pezzoli Museum is on Facebook and Youtube, where you can also find the videos of the project #PoldiPezzoliStories.

Reggia di Monza

Reggia di Monza is waiting for you with many online activities!

#Losapeviche (#Didyouknowthat): by visiting the Facebook and Instagram pages of Villa Reale di Monza you can discover several anecdotes, behind the scenes, curiosities and thematic insights about it. The Royal Palace of Monza is also present on Twitter and you can find out more on its YouTube channel. With Google Arts&Culture you can live the experience of a virtual visit to the Royal Villa and its magnificent gardens thanks to Google Street View technology.

You can stay updated on the activities promoted by the Royal Palace of Monza through the newsletter.


Palazzo Morando and Museum of Risorgimento

You can browse the endless collection of costumes kept in Palazzo Morando on MeBic's website, confirming that Milano remains the city of fashion.

MeBic also houses a section dedicated to Palazzo Moriggia - Museum of Risorgimento, to be consulted if you want to expand your knowledge on that lively Italian historical period.

GAM and Boschi Di Stefano House-Museum

In the "Collections" section of GAM's official website, by accessing "Exhibition itinerary", you can visit the rooms of Milano Galleria di Arte Moderna (Modern Art Gallery). GAM is also present on Google Arts&Culture, where you can admire over 150 works, access virtual exhibitions and visit some of its spaces. Finally, by downloading this same app, you can be a virtual guest of the Boschi Di Stefano House-Museum

Gallerie d'Italia

Thanks to Google Street View you can live a very impressive virtual experience by visiting Gallerie d'Italia in Milano: you will be able to admire some works of the permanent collection and reach the lower floor to explore the vault.

Villa Necchi Campiglio

Villa Necchi Campiglio, an artistic treasure protected by FAI - Fondo Ambiente Italiano (Italian Environmental Trust) since 2001, is a refined house of the Thirties by the famous architect Piero Portaluppi, with a delightful always open garden and precious furnishings that faithfully recreates the atmosphere of lively worldliness between the Wars. In a harmonious fusion of art and tranquility, the Villa houses the collections Alighero and Emilietta de Micheli, Claudia Gian Ferrari and Guido Sforni. Through this link you can access the virtual tour of the Villa.

Museo Teatrale alla Scala

You can follow the Museo Teatrale alla Scala (La Scala Theatre Museum) on the Instagram profile (don't miss the video "Maria Callas alla Scala") and on the Facebook page. By activating the program "A spasso per l'App" ("Walking around the App") you can virtually explore the rooms of the Museum.

Museo del Novecento

Museo del Novecento, in addition to the vast digital offer on its social channels, is on Google Arts&Culture with 7 stories and several virtual visits. Here are collected beautiful audiovisual contributions, such as the video biographies of Umberto Boccioni and Lucio Fontana, or the top 10 of the masterpieces housed inside. Don't miss the new project Nobody's Room. Anzi, parla ("Nobody's Room. Indeed, speak") by Silvia Giambrone.

Mudec (Museum of Cultures)

Mudec (Museum of Cultures) has a rich multimedia offer, perpetuating its pedagogical and cultural mission: the museum offers many ideas through its social channels Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and on the official website, while waiting for the exhibitions "Robot, the human Project" and "Disney, the art of telling timeless stories".

Fondazione Prada

Finite Rants” is an online project curated by Luigi Alberto Cippini and Niccolò Gravina, a series of 8 visual essays commissioned by Fondazione Prada to filmmakers, artists, intellectuals and scholars. The visual contributions featured in “Finite Rants” analyze social, political and cultural issues that have emerged in our present time and are normally addressed by the media with a documentary approach. Through the creation, editing and post-production of raw, heterogeneous and diverse images and visual materials, the authors are able to express personal visions and poetics that involve the viewer in an active and reflective role.

On the Foundation's official website you can find out more about the multidisciplinary project "Human Brains" and listen to the contents of "Readings", a sound anthology (in the form of podcasts) composed of study texts, critical essays and short stories, which collects the editorial activity of Fondazione Prada from 2012 to today.

Hangar Bicocca

Also the the Milanese contemporary art Hub continues its dialogue with visitors: for the Hangar it is a further proof of adherence to the hashtag of art democratization that has always distinguished its communication activity: #ArtToThePeople. The activities proposed by the museum are the most varied: from playlists to initiatives dedicated to children, from the insights available on the site (where you can also find out more about the new exhibition "Chen Zhen. Short-Circuits") to virtual tours by Google Arts&Culture.

Triennale Milano - Palazzo dell'Arte

Triennale Milano transforms from a physical space of cultural production to a digital hub always open through Triennale Upside Down, that collects ideas about the recently inaugurated exhibitions (such as those dedicated to the designer Enzo Mari and the photographer Claudia Andujar), Museo del Design Italiano, the Triennale Milano Teatro's program, events and activities. An articulated and constantly evolving schedule of videos, podcasts, guided tours, educational activities, meetings and performances, masterclasses: the online proposal of Triennale offers opportunities for deepening, escaping and beng inspired.

PAC - Contemporary Art Pavilion

PAC - Padiglione d'Arte Contemporanea (Contemporary Art Pavilion) is active on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube channels, where it is still possible to access the Digital Family Labs, short videos conceived as a web extension of the family workshops that the Milanese space has been organizing since several years, and the PAC Live Performance, a collection of live performances realized at the Pavilion.

Maua - Augmented Reality Urban Art Museum

Maua (Augmented Reality Urban Art Museum) is an open-air museum, outside the usual paths and out of the city center, that presents 119 surprising street art works and murals, scattered between Milano, Turin and Palermo. The experience is augmented by the digital medium: once on the place, you can frame the painting with a smartphone, and it will be transformed into a digital art work, animated in augmented reality.

But you can also visit the Museum from home: go to with your computer or tablet, click on a work, frame the screen with your smartphone - on which you have to install the app Bepart - and you’ll see it come alive!

Aquarium and Civic Hydrobiological Station of Milano

Milano splendid Municipal Aquarium offers a renovated site with many proposals dedicated to children, galleries on underwater life and educational projects.

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