Design, painting, sculpture, art and fashion. Embrace every chance that Milano offers you for free.

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Museums in Milano that always offer free entry

Do not miss the opportunity to visit the free museums in the city

Palazzo Morando and Hangar Bicocca

Are you a lover of fashion and contemporary art? Do not miss these two dissimilar, but equally fascinating, exhibition spaces - Palazzo Morando and Hangar Bicocca - always open for you, free of charge.


Museo del Risorgimento

If, on the other hand, you are fascinated by the Risorgimento period you might like to delve into its history narrated through numerous paintings and sculptures inside the spacious Palazzo Moriggia, home to the Museum of the Risorgimento.


House museums

Also awaiting to entice you are Milano’s house museums: Spazio Alda Merini, Casa-Museo Boschi di StefanoCasa Verdi and the Museo Mangini Bonomi, historical residences where you can journey through the past, present and future.


Mudec - Museum of cultures 

Encounter the entire world in one special venue: at the Mudec - Museum of Cultures you can admire the works of the permanent collection which guides you through an itinerary that explores an interconnected world in dialogue with the city of Milano.


Monumental Cemetery

Lastly, take a visit to Milano’s Cimitero Monumentale to admire its architectural beauty and to discover the fascinating stories concealed within its layers of history. You can book free guided tours or enter independently and follow the recommended itineraries.


Admission reservation is not mandatory, but recommended.


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Free museums on the first Sunday of every month

Enjoy an alternative Sunday

On the first Sunday of each month, Milano invites you to discover its heritage expressed through painting, design, sculpture and architecture.


Pinacoteca di Brera

Stroll through the halls of the Brera Art Gallery to encounter the works of great artists such as Hayez, Caravaggio, Bellini and Raphael.


Castello Sforzesco Museums and Museo del Novecento

Another great destination to note in your journal is the Castello Sforzesco - the museum of museums - that narrates the history of music and sculpture. Not forgetting, of course, Milano’s Museo del Novecento, one of the most attractive and contemporary art venues on the cultural scenario.


Gallery of Modern Art and Leonardo's Last Supper Museum

Joining this impressive list is the Gallery of Modern Art - a splendid neoclassical edifice that houses some of the most famous paintings of the nineteenth century - and, in complete contrast, the Cenacolo Museum where Leonardo's Last Supper is conserved.


Gallerie d'Italia 

Gallerie d'Italia is a spacious and elegant art museum located within an architectural complex that encircles Piazza della Scala.


Civic Aquarium 

You might like to continue your Sunday cultural tour with a visit to the Civic Aquarium where you can rediscover the fascination with the oceans.


Armani Silos

The permanent exhibition at Armani Silos offers a unique perspective on the creative genius of maestro Giorgio Armani. The display of haute couture garments is inspired by three universal narratives: Androgino, Etnie and Stars (Androgynous, Ethnicity and Stars)


Fondazione Luigi Rovati

To conclude your city tour, admission is also free on the first Sunday of the month at the Luigi Rovati Foundation, a hidden gem in the Liberty area of Porta Venezia, which houses artworks by Picasso and Warhol that dialogue with the Etruscan Museum to create a unique connection between ancient and modern.


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Free entry to museums during the week

Every first and third Tuesday of the month from 2:00 p.m.

Castello Sforzesco Museums 

Art galleries, libraries and historical archives, from the multifaceted genius of Leonardo Da Vinci to the visionary design of Luciano Baldessari. All this and lots more at the Castello Sforzesco, experience the wealth of the various museums it houses!


Gallery of Modern Art 

Step into the Gallery of Modern Art to meet the post-impressionist genius of Cézanne, the creative sensitivity of Van Gogh, and the Italian masters Appiani and Canova.


Civic Museums

Last, but definitely not least, you cannot miss Milano’s Civic Museums: we suggest the Civic Aquarium and the Natural History Museum, real temples of knowledge for lovers of science, biology and history.


Reservation to access the museums is not mandatory but recommended.

Free for children and teenagers

Free museum entry up to 18 years of age

Free entry to museums also available for the youngest visitors.


Natural History Museum, Civic Aquarium and Archaeological Museum

The top 3 free museums for children are the Natural History Museum, the Civic Aquarium and the Archaeological Museum, three unique places where the combination of fun and education provided for younger visitors keeps pace with their imagination and desire for discovery.


Pinacoteca di Brera, the Castello Sforzesco Museums, the Modern Art Gallery, Gallerie d’Italia and the Last Supper

A passion for art! Spanning from ancient masterpieces to contemporary works, young visitors can experience the atmosphere of: the Pinacoteca di Brera, the Castello Sforzesco, the Modern Art Gallery, Gallerie d’Italia and Leonardo’s Last Supper.


Fondazione Prada

Provocation and inspiration at the Fondazione Prada, a unique museum where design is concretely translated into artworks with a distinctly contemporary character.


Admission reservation is not mandatory, but recommended.

Free museum admission for disabled persons

The city of Milano guarantees persons with disabilities free admission to all its museums, libraries and art galleries. For all assistance, please go to the venue’s ticket office.


Visit all the museums listed here for free:


Admission reservation is not mandatory, but recommended. 

Not-to-be-missed discounts for young persons and students

If you are under the age of 25 Milano welcomes you with incredible discounts, what are you waiting for?


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