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Have you ever had the chance to gain an in-depth understanding of a company’s inner workings, from its organizational structure to its daily operations, core business, internal services and staff duties?

If not, fortunately YesMilano is here to offer you this unique chance.


YesMilano is proud to launch a new section dedicated to guided tours of some of the top companies in various industries.


Our In-Company Visits will take you through six leading companies in the design, agrifood, fashion, fintech, cleantech, and ICT sectors.

Each tour is designed to showcase the company's unique strengths and give you a comprehensive understanding of their operations.



July 4 - Design


Vibram is the world leader in the development and manufacturing of highperformance rubber soles for outdoor and leisure activities, workwear, fashion, orthopedics and correction


For over 80 years the yellow octagon that symbolizes Vibram has been synonymous worldwide with quality, performance, safety and innovation in the footwear industry.

2019 see the opening of the Vibram Connection Lab in Milan, respectively, the centers of Vibram innovation and creativity, in dialogue with the other locations to develop new networks, partnerships and cultivate the Vibram community. Experimental spaces, a mix of research, design and craftsmanship, people and professions, wellness and sport, events and workshops.


Are you a design enthusiast?

Get the chance to visit with us Vibram Connection Lab Milano!
You are going to see the different departments of a design company, understanding how it works and you will get the opportunity to ask about possible vacancies and placement possibilities. 


Location: Via Voghera, 11, 20144 Milano MI
Date and time: July 4, from 5 to 6.30 pm


Limited spots for the events, hurry and sign up!


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