Tips and tricks to grow your business idea in Milano

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Are you thinking of becoming a founder in Milano?


Do you want to learn from someone that once had the same doubts as you and now is a successful businessperson?

Then mark your calendars for "How to be a founder," six events designed for aspiring entrepreneurs and innovation enthusiasts like you. Whether you are just starting out or you have some experience in startups, you won't want to miss this opportunity to learn from experts and founders from different relevant industries.

Through this initiative, you will gain valuable insights into what it takes to succeed in the startup world, as well as connect with like-minded individuals.


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Location: Piazza Mercanti 2, Palazzo Giureconsulti

Time: 6pm – 7.30pm

The events will promptly start at 6pm, with registration from 5.45 pm.


These events will be popular - we suggest arrival before the scheduled start time. Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis until capacity is reached.

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Opening times:


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May 9th - Eco-minded business: Yes, you can!

Sustainability is today’s hot topic, but what does it take to set up an eco-minded business? We will ask this question to three startup founders that share one vision: making the planet a better place to live in for people and… bees.


These events will be popular - we suggest arrival before the scheduled start time. Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis until capacity is reached.


Guest speakers:


Luca Masseretti, Babaco


Luca Masseretti Co-founder & CFO of Babaco Market. In 2014 Luca starts his first company Anagramma srl together with his friend and co-founder Francesco Giberti. Anagramma was born with the aim of developing digital solutions to foster a circular economy and reduce food waste. Anagramma was successfully sold in July 2021. After this first entrepreneurial experience Luca, Francesco and their team launched Babaco Market the first Italian anti-waste e-grocery. 



Niccolò Calandri, 3Bee


In 2017, Niccolò decided to make a concrete contribution to the environment by founding 3Bee, the climate tech company recognized as a leader in biodiversity protection: 3Bee connects nature with technology and implements regenerative projects using the bee as a fundamental bioindicator.

Since its inception, 3Bee has developed a network of more than 3,000 beekeepers, installed more than 4,000 IoT sensors and regenerated more than 40,000 hectares.



Elia Cipelletti, So.De Social Delivery


Elia Cipelletti graduated in Physiotherapy. His passion for bicycles ranges from bicycle mechanics to bike trips to cycle-activism. He is the Co-founder of Magma srl Social Enterprise, the company that manages So.De - Social Delivery, Milano's first social, sustainable delivery service. For Magma, he is in change of logistics and the fleet of cyclist couriers.

June 6th – Networking, nice to meet you!

“Why should I join a networking event when I can simply attend a webinar?” you may ask. We will try to answer this question with three special guests that have made community building not only their job but also their mission.


These events will be popular - we suggest arrival before the scheduled start time. Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis until capacity is reached.


Guest speakers:


Chiara BrugheraSheTech

Chiara is the Managing Director of SheTech, a nonprofit created with the aim of bridging the gender gap in the world of technology and digital, through networking, empowerment and training activities. She devotes herself full-time to SheTech working in the operations team working. Chiara worked 5 years for the international network Talent Garden holding the role of European community coordinator and later director of the Milan offices. Passionate about community management, Chiara is also co-organizer of the Italian Community Managers Summit.


Matteo Bosco, Hotpot Italia

Matteo Bosco is the Founder and CEO of Hotpot Italia, brand-led media and experience company based in Milan. Matteo is a marketer, who worked in companies like Tecnica Group, HFarm and L’Oréal, as well as Moncler where he worked in the internalization of the Ecommerce and Omnichannel experiences as Digital Project Manager for Moncler EMEA Team in Paris, and EssilorLuxottica where he worked as coordinator of the Digital Product Team of


Bianca Bonetti, Sisters Founders 

Bianca has 7+ years of experience in the world of innovation and entrepreneurship. She has worked in the world of innovation and enterprise as Head of Innovation for an Italian accelerator (B Heroes) and as Improvement Lead for Swiss investment fund, living between Africa and Middle East. She has several passions including Female Empowerment: she launched the sports platform for women Girls Went out in 2020 and launched a non profit programme to help African female fashion entrepreneurs. 


YesMilano Media Partner for the series is Factanza. 

Factanza is a media company created to revolutionize the world of information. Factanza disseminates crucial information daily on its social channels, allowing people to stay updated on current events in just a few minutes. Their formats are designed to capture attention and raise user awareness on current issues.



September 19th - Dream Team: A matter of talents!

Setting up your own business is definitely a dream that comes true. But even the greatest idea depends on the strength of a dream team. Join the event to learn how to level up your business by picking the right people for the job.


Selecting the ideal team is undeniably one of the pivotal steps in commencing a startup, as the individuals you collaborate with have the potential to either propel or hinder the venture's progress. 


Our guest speakers will share with us how they managed to build the perfect team for the success of their startups. 


Guest speakers:


Teresa Baldini, Hacking Talents.

Bachelor's degree in Economics and Management of Cultural and Performing Arts and Master's degree in Business Management at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore - during which she attended a summer school of Technology Entrepreneurship at Stanford University.

Non-degree student at Arizona State University, where she deepened her passion for the startup world both from an entrepreneurial point of view and as an investor. 

She worked in the investment team of Oltre Impact, Growth Capital firm that leads the impact investing in Italy - confirming her drive to generate social impact. Currently, in Hacking Talents she is "the behind the scenes" in the activation of the solutions: managing the community of experts, building product features and supporting the users in their path of evolution.


Enrico Mattiazzi, Fiscozen.

Enrico Mattiazzi is the CEO and co-founder of Fiscozen, the leading Italian tax platform for freelancers. He founded the company in 2018 and he led the growth from zero to 25,000 customers today. 

Previously, he worked at United Ventures as an Investment Manager, a European Venture Capital firm based in Milan. In his role, he found and assessed new investment opportunities with the potential to disrupt the digital industry. He served on several boards of directors representing the investment fund.

Mattiazzi graduated with honours in 2010 with a double degree in Mechanical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano and Politecnico di Torino with the Alta Scuola Politecnica Scholarship. In his academic career he spent several periods abroad studying in Sweden, Switzerland, Netherland through the Unitech program and in the USA
at Michigan University.


Riccardo Haupt, Will Media 

Law degree cum laude at Università degli Studi di Milano, then briefly 'wannabe' business lawyer in one of Italy's largest law firms. I had a passage in a public authority (Antitrust in Rome), which introduced me to my PhD in Bocconi and my years as a researcher in several European think tanks and research centers. In 2016 I founded Civetta, with which I tour Italian schools accompanied by PhD students, consultants and professionals to experiment our "education to complexity formula" (sometimes we succeed!). I work at Will since 2020 and got appointed CEO in 2023. I also co-host the business and innovation podcast Actually.

October 17th – What’s my brand ID?

Bad news… Creating your company logo is just the first step for creating a strong brand ID. Some cool startups we’ve chosen as guests will tell us all about the importance of designing a unique face for the business.


Guest speakers:


Alberto Cartesegna, @Miscusi

Born in 1989, at eighteen his first plane took him to London for a sabbatical year immersed in catering. He returned home and graduated with honours in Economics from Bocconi where he did a semester of MBA at the Kelly School of Business in the US. After a brief experience at Boston Consulting Group he joined Rocket Internet in Berlin and founded Helpling Italia, helping to raise 57M€. At the age of 26, he founded miscusi. In 2019 he was named by Forbes among the 100 young Italians who will change the future.


Giulia Carassini, @Hyperiod

Giulia is Co-Founder and CMO of Hyperiod, Made-in-Italy brand of menstrual underwear. Her friends and co-Founders Federica Vignati and Camila Duso decided to disrupt the way periods are perceived and managed in Italy, and together they co-founded Hyperiod, a young innovative startup providing a more conscious and cooler alternative to disposable menstrual products. Giulia is a marketing professional based in Milan, with a 5-years experience in Digital Communication and Product Management for the Beauty and Healthcare market and currently working in the Food industry as Omnichannel Marketing Specialist.


Nikla Marchiori, @Setflow

Nikla is a communication & startup enthusiast of Italian and Australian heritage, currently based in Milan. Nikla's journey started with studies in Modern Languages at the University of Trento, which led her to a master's program in Strategic Communication at IULM University, Milan.
In June 2020, Nikla joined Wesual, a pioneering company in on-demand photography and video services, where she played a key role in scaling the business. With the surge in online sales during the global pandemic, she led the expansion of Wesual's services to include e-commerce photography production, growing the client base from scratch to 30 recurring clients.
In 2022, leveraging her experience, Nikla co-founded Setflow, an all-in-one e-commerce photo shoot management platform for creative studios, retailers, and brands.



November 7th – Fundings: how to?

Every startup journey starts with a key question: “How do i find investors”? We have invited the founders of startups that did great with this job and a startup mentor to give you some tips and advise on how to close a round of investment.


Guest speakers:


Anna Raschi, @Opstart

Anna Raschi, born in 1992, is General Manager of Opstart's Fintech Hub, a reality that focuses on providing new financing solutions to businesses thanks to crowdfunding. She joined the company in 2019 as Business Operation Manager and contributed to the development of Opstart's hub, which also took place thanks to the launch of the lending and debt crowdfunding divisions. A graduate of Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi, Anna is also co-founder of her own company, Pagina42, specialising in the production of quality content for businesses and individuals.


Matteo Masserdotti, @Viceversa

Matteo Masserdotti is a passionate entrepreneur interested in the evolution of the financial services industry and willing to contribute to a better and more inclusive economy. Matteo previously founded Two Hundred, an Italian pioneer equity crowdfunding platform.

After accumulating experience in the fintech sector he launched Viceversa, a platform that supports digital companies through a fully data-driven approach and revenue-based financing model.


Riccardo Frezzato, @RehouseIT

His life as an aspiring entrepreneur started when he was 17 years old, leaving Italy for more than 5 years. He finished high school in the US and then graduated from university in the Czech Republic, where he was also working during my studies. My background is mainly based on economics, as he graduated in Business and Finance and worked in "verticals" related to this field. Now he currently manage the administrative and financial side of ReHouseit.


December 5th – Tips for a perfect pitch

In our previous discussion with founders, we delved into the intricacies of discovering potential investments. This time around, our focus shifts to the art of presenting oneself effectively to investors.

A good pitch is the best business card you could ever wish for. But where to start from? Join the conversation with our guest speakers, sharing the insight for designing a winning pitch.


Guest speakers: 


Stefano Caverni, @Phononic Vibes

Graduated in Civil Engineering with master degrees at Politecnico di Milano in Structural Engineering and specialization on acoustic metamaterial topolgy optimization, now is one of the three co-founder in Phononic Vibes managing the company since its incorporation in 2018 together with Luca D'Alessandro (CEO) and Giovanni Capellari. He currently works as R&D and Product Manager tov bring new technologies and innovative solutions on the market of acoustic mitigation.


Lorenzo Pisoni, @ChamberofCommerce

Curious by nature, innovator by profession. First as a researcher, then as an entrepreneur, now as an operator in the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Milan, Monza Brianza and Lodi. He manages projects with many stakeholders and lead teams of both technical and non-technical profiles. He wants his work to help as many of the almost 400,000 companies in our region to invent or implement new solutions.