Job Talk - Tourism

Envision your future career in Milano

Palazzo Giureconsulti
piazza Mercanti 2

The job talk series is part of our panel of events for students called Based in Milano. Have a look here!


When students choose Milano for higher education, they're likely to stay afterwards for an internship or a job experience. But it's not easy to start a business or get hired by a company, especially for those who are not familiar with the local environment. Important aspects to consider are to gain insight into the local job market and network with like-minded individuals.

In an informal roundtable you will get to know other international students or graduates who are already working/training in the city. They will share their experience with you and give you practical peer-to-peer advice on how to navigate the intricacies of finding employment or starting a business in Milano.


The event will be hosted at Palazzo Giureconsulti, piazza Mercanti 2, Milano, 6 pm - 7.30 pm. 

The events will promptly start at 6 pm, with registration from 5.45 pm.



Guest Speakers

Jose Silva, Yellowsquare

Born in Coimbra, got a degree in tourism and during the last semester of his studies he completed an internship in a Hostel in Milano. That's what triggered his interest about hostels. From this point onwards he invested his time on learning the most he could about the Hostel industry. He went to Poland to work, for free, in a hostel and once he got back, he has found a job in another Hostel in Lisbon. Eventually he got a call from Yellowsquare in Rome, where he became a reception supervisor, and finally the opportunity of moving to the new location in Milano, where he became General Manager. 


Ana Paola González Polo, Fiera Milano Congressi

Originally from Mexico City, Ana studied Hospitality Management and during her bachelors she had the opportunity to make a exchange semester abroad in Canada and take part in the organization and logistics of many events.She chose Milano as her destination city because it is one of the main competitors in terms of hosting big fairs, conventions both national and international. She is currently making a Master’s in Event and Exhibition Design. The master consists of theorical classes and an internship. Currently, she is making her stage at Allianz MiCo part of Fiera Milano group, on the sales area.