"We decided to interview Arthur because as an Austrian he knew how to integrate in the city and make himself loved as an authentic local."


Interview by Perimetro, photo by Sha Ribeiro

What is Milano for you today? What is your relationship with the city?

I moved to Milan 15 years ago.

Arriving from London, for me Milano was not love at first sight, even if the city welcomed me immediately.

But after a short time it absolutely became MY city.

Milano is home to me today, it makes me feel free and myself.

Then for me it is also a lot of creativity and possibility.

I have an excellent relationship with Milano and it is 100% the city where I want to live.

Why did you choose Via Solari? What do you like? What makes this neighborhood special?

I live in via Solari and my studio is located in piazza Sant'Ambrogio - therefore via Olona is my daily walk.


It is a neighborhood that has everything - it is beautiful but absolutely not pretentious, there is a social spirit, there is the market in Viale Papiniano 2 times a week, fortunately there are still specialized shops with real characters behind the counter!


And then, it is super connected with the rest of the city: I arrive in Cadorna in a moment, and I am in Central Station with the green line in 10 minutes.

Do you have a route that your are fond of?

I like to go and admire the facade of the church of San Francesco in via Giovio, then an aperitif by Bulloni in via Lipari and dinner by Bebel in via San Vittore.


During the day, maybe I take a wider tour, for a coffee and desserts from Fugazza in via Vigevano, and then I pass by the most beautiful bookshop in Milan: Menabò in viale Coni Zugna.

What about white t-shirts and underpants? I buy them from Lemme, in viale Coni Zugna as well.