"We decided to interview dancer Lidia Carew, because she embodies the dynamism and the Milano of the future."


Interview by Perimetro, photo by Sha Ribeiro

What is Milano for you today? What is your relationship with the city?

When I left for seven years in the USA, after attending the academy here in Milano, I did it because I felt the need to keep up with the world and with its changes.


And the same was true when I returned to live in Milano.

What concerns me and my desire to live life fully is here.


I found a Milano that shares its beauty with everything that surrounds it.

It is welcoming, fast and free.

I feel at home because I know the history of the faces, sounds, flavors, smells and words that populate Milano.


Milan has now taken a break and the breaks are fine because they allow you to start again in a different direction, with a fresh and rested mind and you have the opportunity to ponder everything and see every nuance of what you do and what you are.

This is what I am doing in this period, putting it into practice also in my work, looking for an answer in new projects and starting again - as often happens - from scratch.


My relationship with the city is to want to keep up and take the best opportunities it offers me, being careful what happens to me in order to make the best out of it.


Why did you choose Navigli district? What do you like? What makes this neighborhood special?

The Navigli actually chose me.


Perhaps thanks to being an artist and my personality that goes well with what you can find in the neighborhood: creative, young and "laid back" personalities, who do not need to "pose" too much but at the same time have an eye for looks, good taste and peculiar details.


I have always felt comfortable here.


I ended up living there by chance, as a guest of a friend and I never left.


I like its residential parts, those of the families who created Milan and the creative studios of young professionals who bring together different types of art.

Do you have a route that your are fond of?

I always tend to stay in the area, whether it is to have an aperitif or a dinner with my partner, my friends or with work colleagues.


I therefore have some favorite places: if I want to be quiet but eat well I often go to Yari, the owner of Bufalatte, where I always find alternatives for appetizers or hearty dinners.


If, on the other hand, I want to spend a slightly more sophisticated evening, perhaps together with my friends, we find ourselves at The Yard, in XXIV Maggio area, or at the Doping Club which I find very much in line with my personality: both are places that make me feel very comfortable.


Along the Naviglio I am always undecided between the Rita and the Pinch, places where I find an extremely familiar atmosphere that allows me to spend quiet evenings but always receiving a good service from the staff.


Milan always offers a wide choice based on what your needs are; you can find everything in the area, just choose where you prefer to stay.


Often from my home, where I work, I go to Gattullo pastry shop, which for breakfast is a real must, and then walk towards Corso di porta Ticinese, to Via Torino and admire the various small shops and boutiques.