"We decided to interview Marijana because in Milan she found what she was looking for, and established one of the most important yacht design studios in Italy."


Interview by Perimetro, photo by Sha Ribeiro

What is Milano for you today? What is your relationship with the city?


Milano is ... your opinion of it, your relationship with the city.

Milano is the city I love.

Despite the huge blow that recently wounded it, the city was and remains on a human scale.

Milano for me represents a look towards the future and a great respect for traditions.

The city is an ecosystem in which I find many stimuli that can help and feed my desire for creativity and my projects.

Milano has within it the dynamism and energy of a European city and the atmosphere and warmth of the neighborhood in which I live.

It is the city that still manages to surprise me. Being an architect I couldn't think of a better place to create roots.

I am happy for what Milano offers to my children and I appreciate every day how close everything is and how easy it is to reach many places in the city.

Why did you choose Corso Sempione? What do you like? What makes this neighborhood special?

The city has changed a lot in the last ten years: for the better. From a social point of view my neighborhood was mixed: beautiful buildings and railing houses. Today, however, it is a chic area with charm.

The discreet charm of Milanese houses is made up of emptiness and memories. Of wallpapers and bold colors, of historical furnishings and contemporary objects. Of culture and eccentricity. Of 19th century paintings that coexist with resin floors, LED lights alternate with vintage objects.

The places they prefer are those recovered. There are many spaces that, even if transformed for a second life, retain their history. Interesting are the large spaces to be regenerated, starting from the railway yards.

I live in an area of ​​the city that I find increasingly interesting and constantly evolving.

Do you have a route that your are fond of?

I live in an area of ​​the city that I find increasingly interesting and constantly evolving.

I love wandering around with my bicycle, going from the park to the Triennale and maybe stopping to buy flowers, fresh fruit and vegetables at the Via Fauche market.

Being so close to Parco Sempione is priceless and the Via Paolo Sarpi is incredibly full of wonderful and particular bars; you can never get bored because you could change places every day and always feel at home.

I often go to restaurants like "da Gino Bonaparte", "Montina", "Pasticceria Sciuscia '", or "Vecchio Friuli" where they serve wines and cheeses that cannot be easly found and sometimes they even play live jazz, in a place so private and intimate that it seems to go to an old friend's house.

“Kitchen Society” is another example of a hidden and wonderful restaurant where I spent unforgettable evenings.

I also love the Frida Bike courtyard in Via Piero della Francesca where I found my Dutch 3-wheel cergo bike where I load my 2 children, and the “Romans club”, a place where I take refuge and get pampered. At the “Madera” in Piazza Gramsci you can never go wrong.

And the great thing is that they are still opening amazing places with every passing day.