Milano open city to four-legged friends

How to live the city with pets

Green area, bars, farmsteads, gardens - can you find animals' traces all around the city? They belong to pets. An Eurispes research reports more than half of Milano citizens have a four-legged friends. Many of them are easily manageable in flat, while others need open air areas and green grasses. 


Thus Milano, more or less ten years ago, started opening its doors to pets in order to be more accessible. It was a sort of trend that storekeepers started accepting dogs. Today, next to shops entrances, there are many dogs bowls with some water to quench dogs’ thirst. Moreover attitudes have changed quickly and green dogs areas have multiplied. Currently, almost every Milano gardens have a dog area (check them out here). 


A lot of bars have happily held the idea of hosting four-legged friends and same happened with restaurants. Also starred restaurants do not stop animals anymore because Milano does not keep out dogs - since they are part of families. Check here some other initiatives connected to Milano Pet Week and restaurants can host pets.