Traveling with children on public transport

Free travel for under 14s: all the info

Using public transport is an excellent way for getting around the city: check out all the information and our travel tips.

Under 14s travel for free on public transport

Subways, trams and buses throughout the city of Milano are free for children under the age of 14. Young passengers just need to show a valid I.D. with proof of age.


To access the M1 (red), M2 (green) and M3 (yellow) subway lines, children with a valid I.D. just need to pass through the gate located next to the Station Operator's cabin where the turnstile will be opened for them.

Operators’ booths are not available on the M4 (blue) and M5 (lilac) lines, so passengers must contact the ATM staff via the appropriate intercoms present in each station to request the gate to be opened.


On the city stops of the Trenord suburban railway lines, under 14’s can only travel free (with proof of I.D.) if they are accompanied by a paying adult. If, however, they are traveling alone, they must also carry an Under 14 travel pass that must be obtained in advance.


Click here for all information on ticket prices for public transport.


Download here the subway and suburban railway line maps.


FUN FACT: to keep children entertained, we suggest you board the front carriage of the driverless trains on the M4 (blue) and M5 (lilac) underground lines so you can travel along the tracks as if you were driving yourself!

Use bike sharing to visit the city

Travelling by bicycle is a great way to get around the city and discover what it has to offer.


If you are accompanying a small child, you can make the most of the BikeMi service which provides electric bicycle rentals with suitably equipped seats for children up to 20 kg. The child must always wear a helmet.


Bike rental is also allowed for children over the age of 14 to enable all family members to ride together.


You can find all the information, rates and how to use the service on the official BikeMi website. You just need to download the official app and have a credit card available.


There are also other bike sharing services in the city. Check out all the information here.