Ready to have fun with kids in the city? Follow our tips to not miss a single minute of fun.

Playing in the openair: parks and play areas

Milano has lots of pleasant parks, both in the city centre and in the suburbs, where children can play, have fun and, weather permitting, also enjoy a picnic outdoors!


Here’s our guide to the main parks in the city that offer play areas for youngsters.


Top of the list is a park exclusively dedicated to children: the Parco della Villa Reale, to the rear of the GAM - Modern Art Gallery (Via Palestro), where entry is reserved for children accompanied by an adult: no kids no entry!

This English-style garden has pleasantly surprising features such as a small classical-style temple, a bridge over the gentle stream, and a pond. It also has a children’s play area.


If you wish to spend some time in the city's playgrounds, check out our complete list here


If you want to find out more about the city's parks, click here for the must-see destinations, and click here for the larger areas outside the centre.


Se vuoi sapere di più sui parchi della città, qui trovi i parchi da non perdere e qui i grandi parchi fuori dal centro.

Play football, basketball, volleyball, padel, take a dip in the pool: here’s where to go

The fastest way to make friends is to play together! Whether it's football, basketball, volleyball, padel or diving into the pool, Milano offers lots of sports opportunities where you can spend a few hours having fun.


Get all the info on the Milanosport website: schedules, addresses, prices. Something missing? Friends! But you can make them as you play, so come, join in and enjoy!


If, on the other hand, the kids want to try their hand at something a bit more adventurous, click here for information on where they can go climbing, skating and go-karting, or even try out acrobatics and skydiving!

Open air workshops: BAM for the whole family!

The Biblioteca degli Alberi di Milano, aka BAM, is a cultural park that, once inaugurated, immediately became a point of reference in the city. Set in the heart of the Porta Nuova district, known for its Bosco Verticale, its contemporary skyscrapers and its proximity to the popular Isola district, this large park lies directly at the foot of the skyscrapers where nature and culture are combined in a calendar of open-air events that place both children and adults at the centre of each experience.


Visitors can learn how to grow a vegetable garden, find out more about the secrets of plants and stars, understand why trees change colour, or even learn how the circular economy works.

An extensive schedule of events all to be discovered. The activities are free; you just need to book your place.


BAM also offers spaces for playing and relaxing: an inclusive kid’s area (accessible to children with disabilities), bowling alleys, water games (from May to September), plus a fitness circuit and chillout area.


Via Gaetano de Castillia 28

The children’s villages at the Idroscalo

Over the years, the Idroscalo has been fondly nicknamed the ‘mare dei milanesi’ (Milano Beach) because many come here to have fun and to escape the city’s summer heat, but it could also be called a kids’ paradise because there are so many fun activities on offer just a few kilometres away from the city centre.


The Villaggio del Bambino (Children's Village) is a recreational area, with open and free access, dedicated to children aged 3 upwards. In addition to the numerous playground games, the park also has a water games circuit and a picnic area with outdoor tables.

All the play structures are built with recycled and recyclable materials, and there are also games accessible to children with disabilities.


The Acquaplay Water Complex is the largest inland water park in Italy; its colourful floating water circuit has fun slides, tunnels, sloping ramps, trampolines, platforms and lots of other inflatables. Next to this is a play area for small children with pogo sticks and a zipline.


If, instead, you prefer to enjoy the inflatables on terra firma, you definitely mustn’t miss the Dolly Park, a lovely mini-amusement area (dedicated to all children aged 2 to 13), with a castle, trampolines, whale-shaped inflatables, a pirate galleon, kangaroo and lots more fun things.


For those who prefer more ‘old school’ games, why not try Aulì Ulè, the garden of forgotten games.


Just choose where to go and enjoy a day out!

Tarzan or Jane? Swinging on the trees at the Adventure Park

The Milano-Corvetto Tree Experience Adventure Park is the first park of its kind in the city. Located in Parco Cassinis, it is just a few steps from the Porto di Mare stop on the M3 (yellow) line.


Experience your very own adventure amongst the trees, moving along walkways and Tibetan bridges with leaps into the void, swinging on the lianas, nets and pulleys, then pause between one jump and the next on the special tree platforms. Safety is guaranteed at all times thanks to the professional onsite staff and the latest-generation equipment consisting of a secure harness and two carabiners.


The circuits are for all ages and all experience levels - all you need is an adventurous spirit!


Via Fabio Massimo

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