Lake Como

An oasis out of town full of glamour, culture and outdoor activities

Lake Como
Provincia di Como

In little less than an hour by car or train from Milano, you can reach Lake Como, the most glamorous of the 4 great lakes of the Lombardy Region.


The beauty of the villas overlooking its banks has inspired over the centuries the greatest European writers and artists (such as the French Flaubert and Stendhal, the English poet Shelley and the American writer Mark Twain) and Italian musicians Gioacchino Rossini and Giuseppe Verdi, who have found a new creative energy here. In recent years many international celebrities have chosen this area as a holiday destination, increasing its fame and charm.


The lake has a characteristic inverted Y shape and divides in two branches: Como and Lecco. In their crossing point we find the so-called "pearl of the lake": the famous and picturesque village of Bellagio, with its Italian gardens rich in sculptures and rare plants. Bellagio is also the ideal place for a boat trip, to admire the two branches of the lake.


Going along the two main roads from the Como side, as well as from the Lecco side, you can enjoy many fascinating views: charming villages, villas, noble palaces, museums, beaches and lush gardens await visitors in search of relaxation and culture.


The historical-intellectual face of Lake Como is complemented by sports and outdoor activities: the lake is in fact a destination of excellence for active holidays' lovers - in summer water sports enthusiasts can enjoy sailing, rowing, windsurfing, motor boating, water skiing, canoeing and kite-surfing.



- Risotto with perch fillets in any restaurant - as long as it is lake view.

- An excursion to Ossuccio, famous for the spectacular Comacina Island, the lake's island from which you can see the Sacred Mount located in Ossuccio - recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site since 2003.

- In the nearby municipalities of Moltrasio and Lenno, Villa Passalacqua and Villa Balbianello, locations of the Star Wars' Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002) by George Lucas and Agent 007 - Casino Royale (2006) by Martin Campbell movies, are worth a visit.



The star George Clooney bought in 2002 the beautiful Villa Oleandra, a splendid 18th century architecture, located in the town of Laglio.

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