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In addition to designer boutiques and the fashion streets of the city, near Milano there are a number of designer villages, better known as outlets. These places meet all the requirements for the purchase of clothing, footwear, accessories and furniture at discounted prices, sometimes with great bargains.

The outlet shops are arranged as villages where the consumers seem like tourists on holiday in a welcoming and relaxing location. Alongside the shops there are comforts of every kind: benches and areas for relaxation, restaurants, amenities and fast food chains.

Unlike the urban department stores these structures offer the possibility to enjoy shopping days away from the bustle of the city, immersed in a much more relaxed atmosphere.

Easily accessible from Milano, some with organised shuttle services, the outlets have extended shopping hours and are sometimes open 7 days a week. There is something for everyone: from the Fox Town Mendrisio, which is generally considered as one of the world's largest outlets, to the relaxed atmosphere of the VicoLungo Style Outlet, the Outlet Franciacorta where you will also find designer labels and the Serravalle Outlet and Fidenza which are in the charming natural setting of the Ligurian Apennines.

However, without straying too far from the centre of Milano, you can spend some time in the Segrate Outlet Village or the Fashion City Outlet in San Giuliano Milanese.

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