Milano and fashion have always been synonymous; style and the city go hand in hand. There is always a hint of fashion in the city’s elegant atmosphere. It can be found in the mesmerising allure of the shop windows and in the effortless outfits of the street crowds. Fashion is part of Milano’s history, of its lively present and of its auspicious future.

Scintillating and eclectic, always one step ahead of the game: familiar and comfortable with emerging designers as well as devoted to the big names of international luxury: Milano is the capital of Italian fashion and it simply oozes with style.


Everyone loves being in the city because every item on these iconic streets is instantly alluring, every perfume seems to have been crafted with exactly you in mind and every garment on display presents an unmissable chance to feel part of the latest trend.

Snuggled between Via della Spiga, Via Montenapoleone, Via Manzoni and the first section of Corso Venezia, the world-famed fashion district is a paradise for global brand aficionados. Milan’s international character is tangible all year round but, twice a year, the city takes centre stage on the international fashion scenario with its sensational Fashion Weeks.


Catwalk models from around the globe - along with famous and emerging stylists, industry professionals and the fashion press - descend on the city to partake in the high-octane event. Milano, London, New York and Paris: since 1958, only four cities have been elected to the prestigious fashion crown with the privilege of hosting the quintessential bi-annual Fashion Weeks.


Not only luxury brands: Milano’s streetwear trends are also a pleasure to behold. Check out the ready-to-wear shopping avenues like Corso Buenos Aires for a young dynamic vibe to suit all budgets. Walk down via Torino, with its zany mix of classic and modern, then past the Colonne di San Lorenzo to the quirky indie stores much loved by the millennial shoppers.

Via Montenapoleone

You will understand you are in Via Montenapoleone even before Google Maps tells you are there!

Via della Spiga

If you cannot find your favourite luxury maison on this street then there are only two explanations: either you are not in Via della Spiga or your much-loved label does not actually exist.

La Rinascente

The La Rinascente department store, elegantly facing the Duomo and discreetly tucked behind its luxurious portico, will bedazzle you with its show-stopping window displays. It is impossible to resist stepping inside for a taste of its excellent customer experience.

Via Torino

Did you know that Via Torino is one of the oldest streets in the city? And that it is just one long shop-to-shop heaven from one end to the other?

Corso Venezia

Were you asking yourself why Corso Venezia is known as Milano's Fifth Avenue? Check it out and it will be easy to understand but… resisting a shopping binge will prove more difficult!

Corso Buenos Aires

One of Europe’s longest shopping streets with something to satisfy every budget, age and taste.

Palazzo Morando. Costume Moda Immagine

Ever since Palazzo Morando became the seat of the city's Fashion and Costume Museum, in 2010, it has hosted exhibitions and collections depicting the fascinating history of fashion through the rare and unique pieces on display.

Armani Silos

A fitting tribute to ‘King’ Giorgio’s aesthetic: visitors can admire the creative genius that has made Armani a timeless and iconic prestigious brand.


The city’s shopping streets are never-ending but it seems they are simply not enough… check out all the top designer outlets in Milano and the outskirts.