How to Access Public Healthcare in Milano

workshop for International Students

palazzo giureconsulti

With an expert of the Italian National Health Service we will tell you how to access it, and what it covers. We will also mark the difference between the public healthcare system versus a private medical insurance.

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Trasporti pubblici:

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About the Workshop

In this workshop you will:​

  • Learn how to work part-time if you are a student

  • Learn the difference between internship and work​

  • Understand the different types of contracts or collaborations, the salary rules, the taxation system and the procedures to follow.​

  • Give a glimpse to the possibility to stay and work in Milano as a full-time employee or an entrepreneur by converting your residence permit​

  • Participate in a Q&A session​



in collaboration with San Martino Servizi

San Martino Servizi was born and works to provide companies and universities with useful services for the reception and management of foreign workers and students.

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